Procrastination off!

Discussion in 'General' started by Henry Krinkle, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Being on a marijuana site I expect that quite a few of you guys and gals love to procrastinate.
    Basically, just list your worst account of procrastination.

    Mine is waiting all semester to do a 10 page final history research paper. I did zero work on it until that point. I skipped the thesis and sources phase, outline, and rough draft. Stayed up 36 hours straight writing it while wired on about 14 cups of coffee. Still got a 99.5% on it though. My professor said if anyone didnt need to do the other work it was me. So this is one case where it payed off.:wave:

    Come on one up me! I wanna hear some tales.

    sorry if this thread doesnt make sense im stoned stupid on this o.g.
  2. Yeah I procrastinate and it's one of the things I really need to improve on. I have been getting a little better so far.

    Anyways last school year in grade 12 I waited until the last night to do 3 essays on a book we chose. I didn't even read a book and did 1 essay out of 3 on a older book I had read, and there was a few other little things I didn't do. Fail. Took another LA class in the second semester though and got 80% which is good for me because math is my strong subject so it worked out in the end:)
  3. Damn thats pretty bad haha. I cant believe your teacher would have you turn in 3 essays at once thats some serious horse-shit!
  4. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior year. Senior year I woke up and graduated.
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  5. haha tell me about it man. It amazes me looking back on how lazy i was in high school considering how easy it was. Still lazy but better
  6. seriously. i did absolutely NOTHING in highschool but get high, and play football.

    i get to college, and the real world collapses all over me. i was living in a bubble for 17 years.

    responsibility is such a culture shock :smoke:
  7. My worst procrastination?????

    I'll post it later:p:D:smoke:

  8. hahaha you clever sob :D
  9. I don't really procrastinate for stuff like college/university work. In fact, now that I smoke weed I seem to be working harder at my coursework and only procrastinating now and then.

    The problem I have is with personal projects I'll set myself.
    "Oh, yeah, I'll start planning out this story then get a leeway on it and.... Oh look the internet, I think I'll go take a look at some forums and then watch a few DVDs."
  10. I like to put sleeping, cleaning, and studying off to play around on GC haha.
  11. Im 23 and still dont have my license. BAM!
  12. My dissertation for uni. I had 8 months to write it and prepare for it.

    Naturally, the week AFTER it's due in is when I start on it. I did the whole thing in 3 nights, 75% of which time I was either high or drunk.

    I got a relatively decent mark for it.
  13. Oh, this too.
  14. I use weed to procrastinate, not the other way around. Weed just helps me to forget that Im procrastinating. Procrastinating is what leads me to the dab rig ...Get high on shatter so I can forget what I was procrastinating on. Then the cycle repeats itself . Got to break the pattern and stop fucvking around
  15. I'll get around to it.
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  16. I procrastinated on writing this post. When this thread was created 9 years ago, I intended to post a reply as soon as possible. It took me 9 years to get around to it.
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