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Probz on here alot, but i got a question.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MikeyDaMan, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. So I've been smoking about 2 years now, on and off. Mostly on though haha.

    But anyways, past few months, since it's summer, you have more downtime, so my as well smoke right? Well, thats the thing. When I party or im at a friends for the night, I'll go hard and get as high as possible. Usually happens once or twice a week. But when I'm at home, I usually save all my bud for night seshes. Idk bout you guys, but I don't like coming down midday and getting cloudy for the rest of the day. I like getting high, enjoying music then crashing and thats what night seshes have to offer.
    So, if I smoke everyday, but only at night and only one sesh. Will my tolerance stay low? Because when i do smoke at home, especially at night, I dont have a whole lotta time since my mom lurks sometimes and I can only get 3 bowls tops before my mind starts trippin and tells myself i need to go back inside.

    3 bowls is a pretty good high, I've managed to keep it low over the years but I don't want to one day be like my best friend and have to smoke about 7-9 joints to get high because thats just too much time and money.

    TL;DR - smoking everyday but only at night (once sesh total), will it make my tolerance go up?
  2. Who says you need to come down??

  3. #3 MikeyDaMan, Aug 16, 2012
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    Nah another reason why i dont like being high during the day is I workout 6 of the 7 days a week and have been for over a year now with my buddy. I'm working towards being a bodybuilder and bud helps during your bulking season. (munchies can get me those extra cals)

    Going to the gym high or after being high, which I've done a couple times, sucks man. Terrible workout, crappy lifts, can't really listen to music unless its chill. Also, when im high im more sensitive and feel stufff easier so when i take preworkouts after smoking i can feel my heart racing like crazy and its trippy

    So thats why i only do it at night.
  4. Your tolerance will go up, just not as quickly. That's the way I like to do it, start smoking three hours before bedtime, get high enjoy shit, then sleep. I can't stand being burnt out at all. I'll only day smoke if I have an extremely Sativa bud.

  5. Dependent on the cannabanoid profile some cannabis can act as a vasodiolator while others can act as a vasoconstrictor. If you were to smoke something that aided in blood circulation I could imagine it being beneficial to a workout not a hinderance. As long as you can stay focused I could see it being a positive thing, especially if you are supplementing. More oxygen and nutrients being supplied to your muscles to delay lactic acid fermentation and aid in recovery. Maybe try smoking post workout as opposed to pre workout, the racing heartbeat and "trippy" feeling sounds like you are getting too baked to be useful. Try hitting the gym after a small hit just big enough to get the blood flowing and feel a little buzzed.

    Joe rogan and many of his mma partners smoke before and after workouts, but if you feel like it is not helping then don't
  6. ^That's really good to know. Makes sense to, because I've noticed the difference from strain to strain. Some even affect me temperature wise. Blue Dream tends to give me some serious chills. Feels so good though.

    I'll try it out for sure with each bag I get and see how it works.

    Thanks all for the responses
  7. I also am an aspiring BB'er, I keep my smoking till after Im doing working out, great to get those need post-workout kcals. if you ever feel like your tolerance is going up, just take like a 3-4 day break, since you already workout your metabolism will be able to pump out the thc faster. Ive only worked out high once (1 GB hit) and it was great because of the mind/muscle connection and also say if I was on rep 8 and I wanted 12, something in my brain was like "youre NOT stopping till you get that 12th rep" and i would pump it out (lol)
  8. most people who have extremely high tolerances got it because they smoke multiple times a day, smoking one time a day isn't going to hurt your tolerance much
  9. Who seriously needs 7 joints to get high .....

    1 should be enough for anyone ...... Maybe 2 for those who are gonna say something
  10. 7 joints in one sittin' would make me green out and see blue roads....

    Greeeennnnouttt bluuue roads :cool:
  11. [quote name='"CaressaRosee"']7 joints in one sittin' would make me green out and see blue roads....

    Greeeennnnouttt bluuue roads :cool:[/quote]

    Idk if I'd get through 4 joints .....
  12. Right? Id be like 'fuck man, I'm so hiiiiigh' and won't be able to move or talk cuz id think everything I would say would be awkward.....

    Smoke too much, its just awkward.

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