probo for me :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by queenganja, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. I got 30 days probation/house arrest for possession of marijuana @ school ...
    they only got a nick off of me, i still have 1/2 oz and im wondering if its ok
    to smoke while on probation?

    they already drug tested me and i was CLEAN(somehow ?)
    and haven't mentioned future drug tests...

    should i? :smoke:
    not? :(
  2. I guess that was college....

    Not bad for living in the USA I hear
  3. Yeah If its 30 days, totoaly wait and be safe.

    just imagine how the half will be after that.

    ps-what happend
  4. Just take a 30 day T-Break, save up some cash and pick up a nice amount of some dank right after probo ends and have fun. Why risk smoking and have to stay on probo even longer?

  5. not bad at all, i got 6 month license restriction, a 500.00 mandatory 10 week class with random drug tests through out, and I'm on a 12 month no-trouble probation (meaning that if i get in trouble in the next year I get the maximum sentence for my possession charge[3 months in jail] and whatever my other charge would be) and it was my first ever charge :( and all they caught me with was a 15.00 pipe.

    I wouldn't smoke, definitely wouldn't smoke. (or post pictures of yourself with weed on the internet --just my opinion)
  6. dont smoke. they usually drug test on the way off of probation just to make sure your clean. especially if its only a 30 day one. they tested you in the beginning and they will most likely test you before they let you go.

    just take a break. just think how high you will be after. just think of it as a celebration.
  7. Wow you got it hard. I got caught growing in the ammount of 1,000g's or more (16 plants) and i only got 2 years DPA (deffered prosecuter agreement) meaning if i get in trouble i go back to court and face jail time... Sounds like you got rapped man :(

    All this for non violent crimes! rediculous isn't it!???

    You know something, i love the show cops (infact i want to be a cop some day :eek: ) and every stoner they arrest was totaly complient, never threw a fit, never resisted, nothing... But those alchy's on the other hand they are the reason tazers were invented lol :D

  8. maybe only smoke like 1 blunt a week. And like in the dark in your attic or some shit.

  9. pfft that isnt going to matter with a drug test haha

    Don't smoke be safe.
  10. Damn, how did you get caught?
  11. I smoked pretty much the whole time I was on probation (1 year). I got tested once right in the middle, but I passed by not smoking 1 week before my appointment and drinking shit tons of water.

    On my very last appointment I had smoked the night before and the PO asked, "If you took a drug test today would you pass?" I was like "err..." and she said "Don't answer that" and sent me home.

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