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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goro the puffer, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. So during the summer I got caught up in some bullshit with some fuckheads and as always there was a threat of getting snitched on (which happened) so I took my 2ft PURE, my 90$ bubbler and a 40$ bowl to a kid's house. Now, this kid has always been my friend: we've known each other since he started school at my old h.s. and since I was older than him there never was any problems, I mean he's always been respectful, never created problems etc. He's a chill cat, everyone is cool with him. Now, it's been a couple of weeks that i've been trying to get my shit back and he always said that his mom was home. I called him like a week ago and he picked up and told me she was out all last week. Everytime I call he doesn't pick up. I heard from some other people that are friends with both that he accidentally shattered the bowlpack part of the bong so he is waiting til he can pay me back. I called him again and left a message a couple of days ago saying I need that shit back even if it's broken, and to just call me. He hasn't called me yet. Now, this kid is a minor, I'm not. I dont go to his school anymore although its right around the corner.. I don't like going after people, it just creates more problems. Plus he's a minor, as I said so he could tell his mom (which is unlikely, but you never know) and I could get in trouble.. I can't really argue when it comes to paraphernalia.. What would you do?

    Everyone I talk to says he's just scramblin and that he always says he'll give it back. I've never heard anyone say he wants to keep it but it's looking like it. I have started college so I don't have much time on my hands at all but I was thinking about gettin one of my buddies and one day where I get out of class before this kid I can just go and park next to his house and wait til he gets back, then confront him.

    Let me know, this shit's pissin me off..
  2. I'd just go to his house and get the shit back, and to hell with who may or may not be there, unless it's the cops for some reason. Just say some shit like "You wouldn't want your mom to know you're stashing drug paraphernalia, would you?" and that might work. Either way, I wouldn't leave without it. Or you could just tell his mom he's got some stuff of yours and is being a gimp and won't give it back. You can't take shit like that, especially when he keeps "postponing" the return.
  3. Especially since he's a fucking minor.. I know too many people that could reduce him to pork chops, I just have never had a problem with the kid, I'm too goodhearted and I don't want to send some thugs after him. I'll get him sooner or later, he's got nowhere to go..
  4. His girl broke up with him but they're both still up on each other's dick so she's talkin to me and shit.. she says his phone isnt working..
  5. Don't fuck him up, just don't relent. Look him right in the eye and make sure he knows you're not messin' around. Implied violence is a stronger motivator than actual violence, which is hardly ever a good thing.
  6. Id just keep calling him - Its too unpredictable on what hes doing - He could have broke it and not wanna tell you - How close are those buddies that told you he broke it - are they good friends with the guy who has the bongs
  7. 2 am every night, give him a call and don't hang up till someone picks up, it's how my dealer handles loans that don't come back. Just keep on him until it's easier to give the shit back then it is to have to deal with all the phone calls etc.
  8. Yeah, they are but it's been a couple of them and I'm sure they're not all more loyal towards him than me because I chill with some of them more than he does and I dont think they would have told me the bowl was chipped if they were on his side.
    It just doesn't look like he's trying to keep it. I have known about him havin problems with his phone..

    11:12:29 AM) me: can you tell him to call me please? I don't want this to become a problem and shit
    (11:12:29 AM) his gf <AUTO-REPLY> : phone with dudeman
    (11:12:40 AM) me: once you're done talking to him
    (11:15:34 AM) his gf: shit hes on his way to baseball tryouts
    (11:15:39 AM) his gf: but he said hes calling me back afgain later
    (11:15:41 AM) his gf: ill tell him k?
    (11:15:46 AM) me: ok

    I'm just gonna wait a little longer..
  9. Heres what happened.
    He broke your bong, and felt so bad about it that he ordered a tight ass bowl off the internet and is waiting for it to get there before he gives it to you
  10. Thats why I don't want to hurt him, hes never done anything bad and that would be a reasonable scenario if you ask me. But he's gotta let me know, if it weren't me he coulda gotten hurt long before..
  11. I wouldn't believe his girl for shit, she might be on his side.....i dunno if he's trying to keep it or not....From what you said, it doesn't sound like he would try, but the way he's acting is sure making it seem like that...

    I would go with what Anarkin said, give him calls really early or really late, bother him until he tells you whats up or hands over the fucking bong.

    Also implied violence DOES work better as a motivator than actual violence, which just leads to retaliation......slippery slope from there.....

    Hope you get your shit back bro....
  12. I would leave a message saying if he doesn't give it back to you in the next 2 days you're gonna show up at his house and demand that he give it back whether his mom is there or not. And if you don't hear from him, show up at his house. If he's like "I can't, my mom is home" tell him you don't care. If his mom starts asking questions, tell her he has your shit and you're just trying to get it back without problems.
  13. This sounds like a good idea to me. Or go to his house and don't leave till you get your stuff back. If he won't hand it over, take some of his stuff to use as collateral.
  14. Well if you trusted him enough before to give your possessions to him to hold he should be an ok guy. I'm sure all his reasons are legitimate. If he was your friend he probably broke it and is scared considering you're older.
  15. Look, i would go to the high school pretend to be related or something like you have a message for him from his mother and is urgent family business regarding a grave subject and that you would like to see him in a private room to deliver the bad news elude to a death in the family but never actually say it. say shit like " i am "insert name" i am looking for "insert name" i am a good friend of the family and his mother sent me her to in form him of a passing in the family it will only take a little bit so please could i talk with him in private." once you get him in the room alone tell him " hey look i do not care if you broke anything i just want my shit back, you have till tonight, i will be waiting in the pick up circle when school gets out, we are going to go and you are going to give me my shit back wether your mom is home or not. i am not making any threats, but a promise i will get my shit back one way or another!"

    it sounds to me like he is being a little shit, and dude who the hell would snitch on you smoking, you need to punish that little shit for being stupid as fuck. personally i would go over there everyday right when he got out of school until he gave it back. one day you will get lucky and he will be home alone and you can choke him out with a sleeper hold and not only get your shit back but take a little compensation for the hassel he put you through. steal my piece i will break your arms. smoke with broken arms bitch!

    good luck
  16. implied violence is very effective. also be very descriptive or what you could do, describe exactly what will happen to him both anatomicly and psyologicaly as well, say it with a straight face and no emotion, if you have no emotions way more intimidating, get into the mind set of a sociopath with a sadistic streak. remember you do not have to do what you say, your words could be enough.
  17. just knock on his door and ask for your stuff back, if his mom answers you can either confront her right away or later depending on how you feel and what he does when he sees you're there.
  18. ring his fucking bell, if it's his mom say you want to talk to him..
  19. dude an earily similar situation happened with me, except i was the kid. I broke my mans fav bong when he let us house it while his parents were angry.
    but i told him straight up and i didn't get my ass beat. The kids probably gonna get your shit to you, but don't be afraid to be stern with him and let him know that you need the skinny on whats goin down.
  20. Yeah I have had these fucked up situations before as well with real close friends. If they are good friends then they wont be fucking you over, probably a big misunderstanding. If they do fuck you over, atleast now you know not to be friends with such a tard.

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