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  1. Hey guys starting first grow and my seedlings leaves are looking a little funky. If someone could let me know if thus is ok or if I have issues.

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  2. what kinds soil is that homey?


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  3. Ffof with extra perlite added
  4. that's what I thought, Fox farm sometimes beats up seedlings cuz it comes a little too hot . it kinda does look mutated may just grow out of it ...remember not to feed it anything and give only ph 6.5 to 7.2 water ...good luck


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  5. Thanks man the ffof is only until it outgrows the Dixie I've got my own soil cooking as we speak. Hope it grows out of it. Expensive seed lol ill update if it gets any crazier.
  6. Ok so I think I'm out of the mutated stage but now it's not gaining any height just more leaves. Any input?

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  7. What are you using for lighting? It's slowly getting to be time to really start hitting this plant with good strong lighting.

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  8. Mars hydro 144x5 about 28 inches away
  9. Let it do its thing then. I'm sure right now it's simply filling out its root mass in the container. It should grow in leaps and bounds soon.

    Gardening is a hobby of patience... lol you're good, IMO.

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  10. Thanks buddy only reason I asked was because of the odd shaped leaves I had in the beginning.
  11. Hey folks, I have some kind of problems with my grow, but I simply couldnot find any solution, hope someone can halp :(

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  12. What size container and what medium?
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  13. It's 5gal container, perlit, soil, peat moss. Strain: bubba kush auto (femi)
  14. what kind of "soil" ? and what ratios did you mix it all?
    did you add any amendments?
    what are your temps and RH at?
    a photo of the whole plant including the pot would help.

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