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PROBLEMS with the Pax by Ploom

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by moneycheeba, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Let me start by stating how often I use the Pax. Everyday...pretty much at all hours. Each session about 15 mins. 10-15 sessions a day. On Red all the time. I go through a full charge and a half a day. Bud is ground and packed with hardly any force (meaning not too much or too tight- as it will cause air flow problems).

    Now the biggest solution to "non-release of mouthpiece due to residue" is quite genius and I cant take credit for it as i read it on a forum some time ago: CHARGE IT STANDING UP. -the way its built it has the charger as the stand. the problem with that is that it spends all night with the residue slipping towards the mouthpiece, since the heat produced from charging is enough for it to melt. Stand the Pax, mouthpiece up, and place the charger on top of it. In one weeks time you'll encounter this problem maybe 10% of the time as opposed the the frustrating 90%.

    As far as cleaning, this might surprise some of you but I only clean it every week and at most week and a half. ^above said solution has really cut down on cleaning. Am I loosing some product intake by not doing so everyday like i used to. Yes, I'm sure- but its not worth the hassle. One full oven session is more than enough for one person... or at least me, even with slight airflow loss. My secret weapon is Clorox Disinfecting Wipes- i now realize that they are ammonia based not isopropol so I'm sure I've broken my warranty but ef it- again not worth the hassle, i've gotten way more than $250 worth of use out of it already and its not showing any signs of damage or wear so... All it takes is about five wipes and your finger nail for the most part. (I also use a piece of thick wire to clean it- but thats for some other day.)

    When I'm traveling I try to keep it upright as well. If I ever have the reverse problem: mouthpiece wont stay in "off" position, I lick my thumb and pointer finger and moisten the metal stem on mouthpiece. Once or twice usually has the issue resolved.

    My first forum for the Pax. I love this device. :D Makes me sad when others dont enjoy it as much as i do. ;)
  2. i can't get my oven sheet out. I have trying sticking one of those cleaning picks but nothing so far. Idk if some strange material holding it or it just really fucking tight.
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    Probably both... Push it out from the other side... :cool: (part of a coat hanger will work if it's really jammed in there)

  4. "Some strange material" lol. Yeah it's called resin.
  5. So, the mouthpiece problem can be solved by removing the mouthpiece and blowing warm air through it. Usually helps for me. Also clean it after every bowl because fungus can start to grow inside it and I notice the difference of the vapor quality. Also, when the oven screen gets stuck I just use Dill's premium pipe cleaners.

    A new problem I have recently had is that my bowls are not lasting as long as they used to. I'm probably getting 2/3rd's less than what I was getting before. I'm thinking it could be a problem with the oven screens being too caked with res. My guess is that the oven is heating the resin up which vaporizes the weed faster. I'm getting new screens today. I'll give an update...could also be a serious problem with the oven which would suuuuuck
  6. Soooooo many Pax threads cloggin up the vaporizer section.. Definitely needs a dedicated spot for all Pax users
  7. Can i use the pax with tobacco?
  8. Most def
  9. okay... just got my pax. followed ALL the instructions and the oven is definitely heating up but I am not getting ANY vapor smoke at all. I have no idea if its working or not... I definitely don't feel high... I just feel lightheaded from trying to suck a proper hit. what am I doing wrong? and please don't give this "puff it like a cigar" business. that def doesn't help. I see the videos and dudes are blowing a bunch of vapor out, I am not producing ANY. Please help!
  10. If its not red and you're not getting vapor clean it! It should be purple then green. Let it chill but keep it moving in your hand so it doesn't. Turn off on its own and make sure it's fully charged! Also make sure your med is grinded up.
  11. You're not gonna get a big cloud just very slow suck like a straw. Put keef in the oven. After 2 or three uses clean it.
  12. man... I'm totally doing all that. still not getting much of a high. maybe my tolerance is too high and I dont know that I'm high unless my chest is burning, but I really dont think Im getting a big enough hit...?
  13. and I just took it out of the box, used it twice and cleaned the hell out of it... still nothing... or at least VERY little...
  15. It's a brand new item..! why should I have to start pushing it or holding it a certain way. I'm doing everything the instructions say to do and I'm not getting hardly any vapor.
  16. Clean where the mouthpiece tube thing goes into
  17. Make sure you are packing the oven tightly, I've found that helps.
  18. thanks! Ill try that!
  19. are you guys actually seeing a smoke like substance on your exhale?

  20. you just gotta learn how to hit it right. I know people who hate vapes simply because they can't hit it right.

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