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PROBLEMS with the Pax by Ploom

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by moneycheeba, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. So according to Pax by Ploom users on the internet there seems to be a problem with the white temperature button located under the mouth piece after cleaning the device with Iso, reports confirm the button gets stuck after cleaning or falls into the device, no word yet on Ploom on this defect...Returns have been made with replacements being given to customers, wonder if this is an over site or a design flaw that was not addressed, best advice is to not clean the button with Iso, or any cleanser with alcohol.
  2. Nothing's perfect. Good to know though, hopefully the price will drop.
  3. Yea I was reading that the battery has issues too. well atleast the first large batch that went out did. I would like to assume they fixed that issue on the next batch. but i have heard alot of people talk about the button getting stuck
  4. I've had the OP's issue as well as a handful of others.

    Will post later.

  5. Dude... How long do you vape for? Because when I'm finished with one chamber the material is pretty much black. Also my oven lid is pretty burnt out all over.
  6. Initial problems:
    Use once, close the mouthpiece to shut it off, put it away and it cools down. On next use, mouthpiece is tacky and doesn't disengage the slide-lock, meaning that you depress it, and it won't pop up. Pressing MP down and attempting to physically lift it out fails, because of the design of the slide-lock. It will only open if you press it in over and over, loosening the tackiness on the slide lock eventually and it will pop up for you.

    Spoke to a few Ploom representatives, a few things in the discussion shocked me - I'll get into that in a sec. First they suggested I needed to thoroughly clean the unit with ISO. I expressed that I had done this many times, and it was only a temporary solution, as the next use would do it again. They then suggested I had a "faulty" mouthpiece, which turns out included the first several hundred units that shipped. They sent me a new one.

    New one seemed to behave only slightly better, however it soon repeated the problem I originally had. Also upon inspecting both MP's very closely, I could not determine any difference, although now it seems to be reported from a few sources, that the initial MP did have a flaw in them and the new ones are supposed to be different in -some- way.
    If anyone can confirm I'd appreciate.

    So now I've figured out that the only way to avoid it is to religiously clean the MP and unit after every single use. Or I can play MP pressing game for 5-15 minutes.

    Now lets say I had the MP pop up as intended. 50% of the time it goes into heating mode and begins warming up. 50% of the time the led goes solid red and no heating. Must slightly depress MP to align the sensor, unit warms up, then I can let go of MP and it will work as intended.

    After all the cleaning (using ISO as they recommend) I one day found that the hard white temperature button had seized. It had no wiggle room (originally it had a slight "float" to it). Pressing it HARD did nothing, stuck in medium heat. Talked to Ploom again, and they told me to go easy on the ISO, and if I can't free the button to send it in to them. I'm really against putting this thing in the mail, so I finally took an upside down nail, put the head of it over the button and smacked it with a wrench. Loud crack, and now the button is free, and it works.

    Extremely tight draw if you fill the oven packed completely. I found filling full but very loose, then using the oven lid sideways to pack in in TIGHT works best. Leaves 3/4 of the chamber empty though. If draw is too tight you can tip in one side of the oven lid slightly to open a small air path.

    That's about it for my gripes with the unit itself.

    The issue with CS was this...
    I used the online chat, and the person who popped in named himself Oompa. A different conversation a bit later and it was a person named Loompa. I don't think this is a child's market, and was just a bit offed when I saw them using references to an obvious child movie.

    Overall I think the unit is a bit naggy, but it performs well if you're meticulous about cleaning it and you have some patience and a little tech knowledge.

    The whole time I had my issues, Ploom did assure me they would replace the unit if they found it defective, I would only have to send it back to them. I declined their offer.

    My point of view, is not that I have a defective unit, but moreso, they failed to field test the unit enough while in the R&D stages to see the problems that residue buildup causes, and just quirks in general that shouldn't exist.
    I'm confident that if I had a completely new unit today I would have the same issues.
    Also I declined the replacement offer because I refuse to send the unit through the mail after being used.

    I vape it for maybe 5 mins per oven load. I'll usually get it up to temp in medium, take a couple vapes, then finish it in high. I don't get black material, although if it was on the dry side to begin with, as opposed to sticky, it does seem to end up a bit more cooked. I do get pretty dark residue on the oven lid.
  7. I've had friends with the Pax and they've all had one problem or another with it.

    The PAX reminds me of Apple/Mac. Minimalist exterior design and overpriced for the quality. I've had my launch box for almost 3 years now and its still working the same as when I first got it. I feel like the same could be said for a Vapor Brothers vape or a Vapolution. Simplier design gets shit done!

  8. I will post a pic of just how burnt out my oven is... I only vape on the high setting right from the get go. My concern is that if I attempt to clean it I might break it lol. Last thing I wanna have to do is send the unit back to the US.

  9. Here's is mine ...

  10. [quote name='"Soccerguy420"']I've had friends with the Pax and they've all had one problem or another with it.

    The PAX reminds me of Apple/Mac. Minimalist exterior design and overpriced for the quality. I've had my launch box for almost 3 years now and its still working the same as when I first got it. I feel like the same could be said for a Vapor Brothers vape or a Vapolution. Simplier design gets shit done![/quote]

    Just like apple. Shits made in china
  11. Koma, thats not your oven lid, that's the screen.
    Use a pipe cleaner to press that screen out by sliding it down the mouthpiece side until it springs out.
    Use ISO or a piece of a magic eraser to clean the chamber out, and use iso to clean the screen.

    I've never let mine get that dirty.
  12. When it's that dirty, the tube from the oven to the mouth piece will be full of resin. If they put the Pax on the charger when it's hot, all that resin will flow down to the mouth piece and gum shit up...

  13. I've had mine for about 2 weeks now and have used it heavily during that period, I am starting to get the same problem as OP. I'll keep you guys updated on the status

  14. That is straight up disgusting. How can you allow your oven to get that dirty? Come on, man!

    Aren't you defeating the purpose and nullifying a many of the benefits from vaperizing by allowing your device to become some cruddy and caked with resins?

    I would imagine you would have issues if your device is consistently left in a filthy and unattended. It reminds me of someone not getting hits off a clogged bowl and wondering why it's not working anymore.

    I've just picked up a PAX, so in the interest of full disclosure I am a noob. This maintenance stuff just strikes me as common sense, though.

    Regarding the mouth piece; I haven't had any issues yet but the device is brand new. I will update the thread with any issues. My early impression is the piece must be pressed down on the stem side only to open and close. Pressing on the middle, or on the side opposite the stem does not work. I see too many demo videos that fail to point this out while decrying the difficulty they're having with the mechanism.

  15. Naw dude, Ive since cleaned it out. It pretty much looks brand new after you clean it with Iso alcohol. It's good to clean it while the oven is still hot..
  16. Thank god i didnt get a PAX

  17. thank god i got a pax

  18. I would recommend not letting your unit get this dirty.
  19. Only had my unit for 2 months but no issues at all with it. Cleaning is easy, and no issues using iso.

    I keep mine on high usually.
  20. I have has mine for about 3 months and use it daily. I clean it every day or every other day. Kinda just part of my morning routine. Works great though, just can't skip 2 days on the cleaning or the mouth piece sticks.

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