Problems with the leaves i think

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  1. I am not sure if it is a problem or not my plants leaves seem to be like any other plants are when in the sun, but when there is no sun about and mainly at night the leaves seem to droup downwards as if they are un-happy in a way. PLEASE HELP ME IF THIS IS A PROBLEM OR NOT!!! I am not sure as it is my first time growing.
  2. First thought : overwatering.
    It's normal for overwatered plants to droop at night.
    And yes it is a problem...but the solution is real easy!;)
  3. My plants do this. We call it the happy wave. Go look at it right before sun time. The leaves all standing up?

    Mine start drooping about an hour before lights out. It's due to good growth. All the leaves lift back up(searching for the sun) about an hour before on time.

    If your plant is doing this? You're a ok. If not. refer to above.

    gl alex

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