problems with the forums latley...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. ive noticed some technical glitches with GC latley. right now i cant post a ne thread on any board but this one. the other day i also couldnt post anything. sat night i think. i was tripping on shrooms and wanted to post something up but couldnt. anyone else notice issues latley?
  2. Yah I noticed this too, I think they must have been having server problems or somthing, either way just wait it out im sure they are working hard on fixing it :smoking:
  3. There was a page that kept coming up at different times yesterday that said that they were doing server maintenance or switching over to new servers or something like that... had something to do with servers. I haven't noticed any other types of odd behavior this morning. :cool:
  4. yes there has been some work on the forums lately. every will be running peachy soon :)
  5. shouldn't be aproblem anymore, everything is up and runnig again!

  6. you didnt see the announcement about database maintenance?
  7. for some reason i still cant post a new thread on the rec forum. i can type it out and when i go to hit post it just refreshes the page. wasnt happening last night just noticed this morning.

    btw thanks sj we appricate everything you do for these forums :)

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