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Discussion in 'General' started by tabou21, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Hi...i got this problem and i dont know what to do...where to start...
    First off i love to smoke weed.My wife wanted me to quit a few months ago.

    About a month ago my wife (who doesnt smoke weed anymore)found out my 13 year old daughter has smoked weed.Thus blaming me for it of course.We had this big fight.I dont smoke in front of my kids.i smoke when everyone is out,or in bed.

    When we had this argument i had said i would quit just to prove to my daughter that i dont need it.(she knew i smoked)i want my daughter to make up her own mind about not a hipocrite,but i get this fatherly thing that takes over me and tries to make the right desisions.

    After i had told my wife and daughter i wouldnt, i had a little bit left i didnt want waste it by throwing it away i decided to smoke it a couple days later after i had made my daughter must of knew i did it that night and she told my wife when she got home from work that night.

    my wife kicked me out and i talked my way back in.i threw away my hitter and hitter box in front of them.this time i was done.
    my dad on the other hand smokes too.he keeps telling me all this good news he gets from time to time on getting some smoke.i know im not addicted and have gone a month without smoking but man i would love to have some right now.what should i do?when i did smoke it wasnt everyday.i was a casual smoker.i cant see why my wife has to be so uptight about it.she used to do it.i dont know.....what do you think?
  2. I think you need to educate her on marijuana.

    Granted, it's illegal...but give her proof why it shouldn't be. She's your have vows so I'm not going to give the normal lecture where I tell people that if someone doesn't accept you for who you are, pot lifestyle and all , then they don't really like you for who you really are. I think that you need to do the research, get the pros and spread it all out on the table for her.

    Otherwise, quit and be who she wants you to be.

    People situations differ...I'll take one for the team to help the cause because I feel so strongly with it, I'm also single with no family to raise...if the illegality of it has a possibility of becoming a problem that will cause serious conflict with your family, then maybe you just simply have a choice to make.

    Good luck with whatever happens! :)
  3. I know it sucks to quit. I had to quit about a month ago, too. You don't need pot to live, and it sounds like you know that. Let your wife know the circumstance that led you to smoke that one last time and tell her you haven't smoked since. Let her know you want to be a role model for your daughter. It might even be a good gesture to offer to buy a home drug testing kit to show you haven't smoked since. You obviously don't want this to mess up your life and you have your priorties straight. Lay everything out for your wife and ask her to take you back. Once you're back, you can educate her about the truth of marijuana, but let her know you'll continue to not smoke as long as she disapproves.
  4. well one thing if you ever do need to smoke again without them knowing, ya should go somewhere else than around the house..take a drive or something so they cant find out...but im not saying to do that, just incase ya know..i think what you're doing is good though for your kid and everything :)
  5. sounds like a crappy situation. best thing would probably just have a talk about it.

    tell her youll be much more discreet and the daughter will never have a clue about your smoking anymore. aslong as you can set out some guidelines im sure she wont mind. comprimise helps everyone ;) or hurts everyone...
  6. "my wife kicked me out" over something so minor? Blah. I dunno why you wanna be with her. I sure wouldn't..
    But yeaaah.. getting an at home drug test on your own for your wife to see would be something saying "hey seriously I haven't smoked".
    But how long do you plan to set a good example? Is the example really that much of a good one? Your daughter has done it already, I'm guessing if she liked it she'll do it again whether you're smoking or not. And I doubt if you guys will know about it, and you will have pretty much deprived yourself of something you enjoy for nothing.
    But hey, how did you guys find out your daughter smoked in the first place?
  7. listen man, a while back i had to quit smoking cause my parents found out, i was a senior in highschool. It sucked ass, they told me all this shit but always seem to say they dont have a problem with marijuana, just that it is illegal. They said well we would rather you drink if you have to do any drugs. Fuck that. After smoking weed i dont have much of a desire for drinking cause being high is so much better. I quit for a little while until they moved on and i have been chiefing ever since. Your wife is gonna have to accept that you smoke weed. She cant think it is worse than alchohol or cigarettes. There is a lot of parents that smoke weed with their older kids. If your daughter really enjoyed her experience she will probably do it again if offered, so for sure dont tell her not to or something, cause that will make a teenager want to. Just tell her to not do it for good reasons if you can think of any. If your wife smoked weed, than you would think she would be more understanding. Just tell her how you feel and set her straight if thats possible.

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  8. Kick da bitch out!

    Just do what you think is the right thing.
    Don't let any one person dictat your life for you.
  9. damn first off ima say good luck with that! but, thats a hard situation to give u adivce... well i wouldnt wanna quit either, but u should show ur wife why its not harmful or anything.. or just smoke and dont get caught, or when no ones home :)

  10. Is your wife named Marie... Did she live in Kentucky???

    I've been in the same position for years.. My boys know I smoke and they have agreed to not do any type of frug till they are at least 18.. Not because I won't let them, but because they know the responsibility that goes with it.. My wife blame any thing that bad happens on me..

    The only advice I can give is to smoke away from the house.. Don't let the wife or kids be able to say that they know you are-were smoking.. If asked just say that........ If your not for sure, it must not be bothering you either way...

    Good luck with the wife!

  11. 'nuff said;)
  12. I know a dealer who has smoked in front of her kid since he was like 6. Year after year every day. He's 18 now. He has smoked bud ONE time a few years ago and that was it. Never done it again, never done any other drugs, I don't think he drinks either. And his mom STILL smokes in front of him every day.
    Me on the other hand.. my mom is a smoker but I NEVER saw her smoke until I was late 15. And now I smoke evvvveryday. Weird huh..
    But I still can't see how you want to be with someone that to me is sounding like a control freak.. I would go so far as not smoking, and saying I have been, just to piss her off. And to show her that she doesn't know the difference between when I have and haven't been smokin.
    I think I would break up with her though. She sounds too manipulative for me.

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