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  1. Hi, I have 4 white widows and they have dark leafs, burnt tips, one is small af, 2 of them have dark colored leafs.

    I didn't gave them any nutrients

    I have a 250W HPS, exactly 72cm away from the top of my plants

    I did the hand test and I have a fan.

    Also, the first plant has a green stem, but the rest have a brownish-redish-greenish stem

    Will my plants recover? What is the problem?

    Also, should I spray them everyday?

    Pics and data:

    Plant one(black spots, maybe burns)

    Plant two(burns, dark leafs, black spots)

    Plant three(burns and burnt tips)

    Plant four(is half the size of the other plants, dark leafs, black spots, maybe burns)

    Soil used: Biobizz All-Mix

    Nutrients used: none(for first 2 weeks of life)

    Plants age: 2 and 3 days(some seeds sprout later)

    Average temperature and humidity in tent: 25.3°C, 50-60%

    Strain grown: Autoflower White Widow x4 from

    Pots: 11L textile pots

    Light cycle: 20/4

    Watering: 300ml (5,7 pH) /plant 2 days ago cuz the soil was dry + everyday spraying 5-6 times the soil and 2 times the plant

    Useless info: Started germinating on 11 NOV at 11 AM, seeds germinated(they had a little white root) and planted on 12 NOV(ik, fast), first leafs on 13 NOV and 14.

    35W Fan is on 24/7.

    Humidifier is on when the humidity is below 40%.

    I always use ph down on my water and test it cuz my tap water's ph is too high.

    PH tester is calibrated.

    Humidifier and spray water are phed too.
  2. Relax and smoke a doobie brother. :passing-joint:
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  3. bruh this is my fourth time growing weed, the first three times my plants died cuz i was using kitchen bulbs, 3€ soil, now, i invested like 600€ in a tent, lights, fan, seeds, soil, etc. If i fail this time too, i will probably rage quit my life or something, i want to treat my plants asap after getting a problem cuz i don t want my girls to die....again
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  4. Mate, I killed more than a few starting out from dead 0 knowledge a few years back, there doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong with your babies, the first set of true leaves can often be funky looking.

    At your stage of growth my biggest concerns would be light intensity (enough to grow without excessive stretch) and making sure the dirt isn't too wet that you get damp down (mold gets into the stem and it basically keels over pretty quick).

    Real quick here are some things I noticed in your description.

    You said they are growing in 11 liter pots? While it can be done, I'd not recommend starting seeds in such big pots. For the first 2-3 weeks I use a 1 liter pot, and about 90% less water (40-50ml per day right around the stem) since there isn't 10 extra liters of dirt surrounding those baby roots. the pic shows the difference in pot size, although this plant I let go a tiny bit too long (This is 18 days from seeds breaking the surface)
    Again, people have started seeds in much bigger and done fine, but the more potential problems you can factor out of the grow, the better imo.

    I've never used biobizz, but assuming its a bag soil its probably pretty hot, so good call on no nutes yet (I go from 1 liter to 20 liter pots, and typically don't need additional nutes for 1-2 months)

    As for your light and fan, you can "bro science" it with hand methods, but calculating actual umol/sec on the plants is the only way to sure with a lux meter, unless your light manufacturer has a PPFD map that can tell you the intensity at various hang heights and you can calculate the intensity at other heights from there.
    Same thing for exhaust fan, its not just there to cool off the tent or vent the dankness through a carbon filter, its also there to bring air changes to your tent or grow space, fresh CO2 for the plants.

    I germed some autos and photos back over labor day, if you want to see how I do it in more detail you can check the grow journal if you want. Nothing fancy, some LEDS, 20 liter pots, seeds and dirt.

    Bruce Banner / Gorillia Glue scrog dirt grow for octogenarians and more!

    Don't get discouraged, my first 3 grows all failed miserably until I had enough experience that things "clicked" and like riding a bike, it just starts to all come together.

    From someone else who had a real rough start a few years back, I wish you best on these ones mate! If you have any questions on how I do it (not claiming its the best way just what works for a lazy man like myself) don't hesitate to crash my journal or post in there, I don't take most things too seriously.

    My first post ever here a few years back was very long and detailed, and I think the first response I got was "way too much info" (I still have love for @MickFoster though just because his comments in the political threads always gives me a chuckle.)

    Anyway, to reiterate, don't get discouraged, once you finally get a plant to establish a root zone and get a strong veg going it will get easier. Once you finish a grow, your next one is likely to be an order of magnitude more productive.

    I'll be the first to admit that what I don't know about cannabis could fill a warehouse, but I'm happy to help if I can.
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  5. shoulda paged me, imma go join now ;)
  6. i was wondering if you would ever show up in there, we got 80 year old potheads (my dad), a cat passing away, seeds from the breeder labeled as photos turned out be be autos and stretched like hell while I was travelling for a week.

    Plus "re-appropriating" lab equipment from a major university destined for recycling.

    Although TBH the next month is probably going be just me waiting out the clock on the autos, and putting as many hours grading the back hill behind my house as temps and weather will allow.

    If my neighbor continues to piss me off, I may also turn 14,000lbs of steel and hydraulics on one of the cars in his driveway (biggest thing he has is a subaru outback, 2- 2.5 tons max, and I have a rotating knuckle, demo claw, and the ability to lift 4 tons clear of the ground.

    I don't know if more people come for the advice, bullshit, or being the first to know when I finally snap on some poor asshole and put my tools to more destructive as opposed to constructive uses.

    Also we trained the new guard cat to drink from a burette. I mean it ain't much, but its better than She Hulk Attorney at law.

    This new bastard is ill tempered and very protective of his crops, just like me.
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