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  1. Hi, on saturday my plant started having brownish and shiny leafs, but i ignored the problem(it wasn't so serious) and I lowered the light(250W hps) from 50-60 cm to 30, I was gone till monday, when I got home, i saw that the plant was looking horrible, so I put the light at 45 cm from my plant BECAUSE I did the hand test and I was not feeling heat at all, after some hours, my plant was looking worse, so i did some research and the plant can get burns from fan stress, my 35W fan was always on blowing air on light and plant, so i reduced its power(I still don't feel heat on plants top when I m doing the hand test)

    My plant had and has the following problems: shiny leafs, taco leafs lol, some leafs are brownish, leafs with transparent/black/yellow spots annnd it is growing slow


    photo from today(29 nov)


    photo from yesterday(28 nov)


    my questions are

    was it because of the light, fan or both?

    how far away i should keep the 250W hps?

    does my plant looks okay for a 17 days old?

    soil used: biobizz all-mix
    nutrients used: biobizz bio grow(started 2 days ago -- 0.5mL/L in 550mL of water)
    light: 250W cold light HPS for seedling and vegetative grow
    tent: 60x60x180 cm with one 11L pot
    strain grown: auto white widow from
    watering: 60-100mL daily(by spraying) and 500-600mL when the soil gets dry(2-4 days)

    sorry for bad english
    english is not my main language, also i m high on shrooms
    pls help, this is the last seed i have and i invested like 700 dollars in equipment and if i fail this time again, i would not have the chance to try again cuz i move with my gf in a couple of months and she doesnt like my plants:(
    edit: fixed pics
  2. Sound like you need a new girlfriend.
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  3. When the leaves taco like that, its usually due to heat stress.
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