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Problems with Parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudGnarly, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hey, everyone, first time poster here, and I have a slight dilemma.
    I've been a regular smoker for almost a year now, and in that time, have grown a strong love and passion for the plant itself. In fact, so much so, that I now want to make it a career in one of the legal states. I've been spinning around breaking this to my dad, and finally got up the courage today, since he was also a regular smoker up until I was about 10 or 11. At first he accepted it, and figured it was my decision and if it makes me happy to do it. However, later on, he spoke to me, and said that after thinking about it, its okay that I want to do it, but he said that if he has any suspicion of me smoking (He still doesnt know I'm a regular smoker) he will drug test me and if it comes back positive, he will "Bring the wrath of god down on me" and will completely lock me down, no more leaving the house, no more hanging out with friends, no more driving, job, etc.
    Im utterly confused at this point, as he seemed to accept it at first, then did a complete 180 a few hours later, and this is coming from a 25 year smoker that only quit a few years ago. Do you think it will blow over? Or is my dad just a little psychotic? I really dont know whether to take him seriously or not, and I really do not want to test him. Any advice or thoughts on the situation?

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    Sí, la muerte es muy importante. Pero, habla con tus parientes primero. Recuerdo cuando mi papa se ducho con mi mama. ¡Ay! es una noción muy horrible
  3. Sounds like hes just worried about his child most parents don't like the idea of their child getting stoned, but it also sounds like he'll accept your weed choices later on.
  4. This guy above keeps running around posting Spanish shit that no one can understand. Wtf?
  5. <sup>Quick google translate basically told me nothing. But anyways, I hope he'll realize soon that I'm not going to change anytime soon, and he'll just have to accept it.</sup>
    Yeah let us know how that works out.
  7. I'm not sure how many kids parents are nowadays, but I know when I was still living home my mom was 50/50. She didn't have a problem with the plant itself, however she did care whether I could get in trouble or not and also she did have some of those stereotypes in her head ''it's the gateway drug, etc...''.
    If you're still living home it means you're living under your parents rules and I suggest not smoking inside of the house for obvious reasons, when I was younger I did smoke in my room and early on my mom did care but I believe she just kind of let go but from the sounds of it your father isn't like that... by all means smoke, just make sure you're paying extra attention to your surroundings.
    Bring the wrath of God down upon you? May I ask is he a born-again Christian/recently returned to Religion? I can understand why you would be confused. It's pretty hypocritical to have been a former smoker and be so strongly opposed to it now. And while he accepted you wanting to pursue a career in selling, he wouldn't accept you being a smoker? 
    I guess since you are still living under his roof, his rules apply and while usually those rules should be respected, I guess the thing is you're talking about making a career out of something you are passionate about. You'd be looking at having to move to a state where it is legal to sell, which so far is only two, so you would no longer be under his roof. 
    Maybe he is hesitant about you selling because he maybe has this impression that you'll sell it, smoke it and generally 'waste your life' which some parents seem to think is what will happen. 
    Honestly, you've already told him. He's against it, doesn't know you smoke regularly and preferably you'd want to keep it that way. Either do some hard core research into what it takes to become a seller in legal states, lay out a massive career plan in front of him, try to cover all the angles, which I know might involve some guess work since really I can't pinpoint what your Dad's real issues might be if you become a seller. But like I said, try to cover all the angles. 
    Your Dad may or may not ever support you in this career path, he may end up turning his back on you regardless. But the fact of the matter is that it's your life, not his. Parents tend to freak out when their child wants to do something against whatever plans they had laid out in their own minds. If you keep calm, keep positive and demonstrate to your Dad that you are serious about your chosen career path, you may find with time he'll become more accepting. Or he might not. Ultimately, as much as we love our folks, we need to do what makes us happy. 
    Best of luck to you!
  9. If it's illegal in your state then I think he was just trying to be a parent.  You're still his son regardless of the fact he smoked too.  He is probably definitely cool with it but maybe he just realized that it is still illegal and you could get into trouble with the law over it and he would be responsible because he 'said you could'.  
    Honestly I think he's gonna be cool with it as long as you practice discretion and don't get into trouble with the law.
    See but don't be seen.
  10. Let's get straight to the point here because no one else will...
    He's okay with you growing it as a career because it is legal in a state somewhere, but he is not okay with you smoking it?
    And how do you expect to get into the growing community for a career? Do you have it planned out?
  11. Tell your Dad his hypocrite is showing.
  12. Thanks for all the replies guys. I live in Indiana, so the laws around here are pretty strict regarding weed. And as for the "wrath of god" part hes not in any way religious, he just used it to basically tell me I'm dead. And he may also be scared because im closely related with an unspecified county official, and if I get caught my whole family would find out. So I feel if I don't make it completely obvious I will be okay. And like I said, he still does not have any problem with me making a career out of it, since I do have a complete college and career plan laid out for it. 
    And as for me posing in the "seasoned tokers" section, I really was not aware of the experience cut off. I figured I know alot more than the average one year smoker, and I would get more help here anyways.

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