Problems with outdoor plant "trying" to bud

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by bjbdbz, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. IMG_0157.JPG IMG_0159.JPG IMG_0160.JPG IMG_0162.JPG IMG_0163.JPG I am not trying to flower it, the plant it trying to flower on its own. Witch is strange because I have several others next to it and none of the others are doing this, the rest are all vegging well and vigorously too. Also I think its still too early to start flowering naturally outdoors. But it has pretty much stopped growing vertically and has obvious calyxes and now it even has started growing 3 blade leafs and 1 blade leafs! I dont know what to think of it.

    If anybody has experience with this help would be greatly appreciated as I was hoping to have this monster of a plant but instead it stopped growing.

    Its a Royal Queen Sour Diesel, it has been vegging for 7 months, started under a kindled "300w", moved outside 3 months ago, started growing in rockwool and transplanted it into 5 gal pot with more rockwool grow cubes, recently I transplanted the last time into a 17gal bucket with 85%coco/15%perlite making up the remainder of the fill. Been using GH trio nutes as well as pro-tek silica supplement, calimagic, florablend, and GO diamond black, all halved of their recommended doses. I use tap water thats sat out for a minimum of 24 hours and comes out the tap at 30ppms, been feeding at ph between 5.3-6.6 and ppms around 800-1400, temps outside dont go over 85 and havent dipped below low 50s since I put it outside. Questions welcome!
  2. That plant has been vegging for 7 MONTHS?????? I have never heard of a grow lasting that long I'm surprised the other plants aren't budding too honestly even if the days are still long, the plant has an internal clock it knows how old it is and in it's code knows the growing season only lasts 4 months, normally after 4 they will switch cause they know they are gonna die soon cause of the temp change. Has ur climate drastically changed in the last week? Like a cold front come in or something? How cool is it at night where ur at? Sorry to bombard with questions lol

    First grow ever!
  3. Is that a male? I've never seen that.
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  4. I was thinking the same thing it might just be a male

    First grow ever!
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  5. Different strains will start flowering at different times. Flowering is starting now for me. I'm at 34° north. So if you're at the same latitude, or close to it you are probably starting to flower too.
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  6. It looks and sounds like a Reveg.
  7. Token Surf is right. 100% a reveg. No doubt about it. Three leaves is a dead give away.

    When I have a plant that revegs, I replace it when possible. Good luck
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  8. 7 months and it's that small... You probably have a light leak. It's revegging it will most likely go back into flower soon, since it's closing in on that time. Several of my plants are flowering now. A few still begging hard.
  9. My plants have been flowering since july 10th. Different strains flower at different times. As a general rule; the more indica dominant a strain is, the earlier it will flower.
  10. I'd also agree it's a reveg. 7 months too long for that particular strain apparently, it's confused as fuck. I'd just press on and hope for the best.
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  11. You know I was starting to wonder if that was the case and it was just "too mature" lol but yeah it was 28 weeks old yesterday. No cold front if anything its been getting hotter but nothing dramatic. Night temps around high 50s to low 60s
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  12. Feminized seed with no sign of male sacks
  13. Yeah it sucks it was growing beautifully untill about 2 months ago, my porch light might shine a little on it someimes at night but inthought it was far enough away it wouldnt harm it, ill fix that tho
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  14. 47 north so maybe
  15. Yeah, I wasn't certain except that I've never seen a plant look like that so I deduced.
  16. You're a bit farther north than me. Almost arctic circle. You should be going into flower within the next 2 or 3 weeks if you're growing photoperiod. You are also reveging. Plant is a little confused? Beyond my area of expertise. I'd just say keep an eye on it and hope for the best. Golden rule of gardening.
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  17. Yea idk what to tell you the other guys seem to have he right idea that it's just confused and re vegging but since ur doing an outdoor grow I don't really know what to tell u to help it lol can't control the sun and when it rises and sets, I can't do an outdoor while I would love to since my climate is litterally perfect for growing bud but no privacy where I'm at

    First grow ever!
  18. Yea I say turn that off when the sun sets and see if that helps it might be just enough light for it to think the days are never ending lol

    First grow ever!

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