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  1. I'll try to make this short as I could really write a few pages on these people.

    So, I've got these neighbors. They live down the block. Their next-door neighbors are friends of mine and I hear plenty of weird things from the friends of mine. (yes, yes, lots of hearsay)

    They've reported numerous robberies when no one in the area has seen anyone suspicious
    They've been evicted and are squatting. here in California, you can manage to squat a house for years without paying (it's really shitty to rent tenants, especially section 8s)
    Rather certain they are tweakers. that's the grayest of them all. The reported robberies are obvious BS to everyone else-the tweaker part is just suspicion and their extremely abnormal lifestyle and habits.

    they put up a sign when they heard that other neighbors had began to talk about them (yeah, my neighborhood sounds like an old lady's knitting club gossiping about, doesn't it?)
    most of the accusations upon them are real. I could list more things about them, but for the sake of keeping it short, I aim to keep it short
    sign read, "though shalt not accuse thy neighbor- Exodus 20:16"
    which I thought was pretty damned funny to see a cardboard sign in their driveway reading this

    they're thieves, they've stirred a lot of problems in the area, they're unwanted, and they seem like some criminals of sorts

    so I want to put up a sign, one every day (as I imagine they'll take each down)

    I, at first, considered putting up, "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ass" as they steal from their landlord

    but then, I thought that I should probably be a bit more creative
    they put a biblical sign up. now, I don't care so much for a lot of the things the bible has to say
    but when you start calling people out on commandments, you should probably abide by your own standards

    so, I'm hoping for some biblical verses or anything to put on a sign

    oh, and get this
    the landlord agreed to PAY THEM $3,000 for them to finally leave the house by the end of the month

    The landlord really is going to have to check with a HazMat crew to get them to take samples of the place. the suspicion of them being serious drug addicts really is quite serious. That could cost the landlord a bunch of money and so could any other repairs. this whole ordeal has probably been an absolute nightmare for the landlord, and I really feel bad for him. I doubt he made much money out of this over the time they've been living there.

    got about two weeks, need lots of sign ideas,

    any help?

  2. Damn. If I read the bible or had any sort of religious knowledge/background, I would totally help you. I'm usually pretty clever at ideas like that, but being raised non-religiously and never taking an interest after leaving home puts me in the dark on this one.

    Would like updates, though!
  3. try using the second commandment lol

    "You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not acquit anyone who misuses his name"

    wrongfully using one of "his commandments" to make a point, breaks a commandment lol

    I dont even believe in religion and i know that

  4. I can't blame you. I can only name a few of the commonly known 10. I know that, according to the Torah, there are over 600. So, most of it is over my head too.

    I don't know a whole lot about the bible so this one was definitely helpful. I'll make it tonight's sign and I'll post a picture before I put it up
  5. get some little plastic bags, like meth comes in. put white powder of some kind into the bags and walk around their house randomly dropping bags. find a good seat where you can see them and they can't see you and enjoy the entertainment. did it to my old tweeker landlord.

  6. as funny as that sounds, it isn't possible. The closest I can get to their house without being seen is across the street, which is where the signs will be put.

    their house:
    no trespassing sign in the window. I guess it's okay to trespass houses if the sign isn't present? I don't know
    (oh really, no trespassing into their house? :rolleyes:)
    and a camera with a view of their driveway
    they constantly keep their windows open at night to hear things outside
  7. lmao the landlord is paying them to move out, he/she must really hate them.

  8. they haven't paid rent in months.
    I remember a long while back when my parents where renting out a house to some section 8 tenants. Section 8 is for people who have a low income and are struggling with poverty and have a hard time finding a place. I feel for these people, as some have gotten the short end of the stick in the economy and have been kind of fucked. But, with all the section 8 tenants I've known over the years, my outlook on the ones I actually know is different than what I had expected. A lot of section 8 tenants got themselves into the situation they're in, or at least their lifestyle seems to suggest it. Out of all the section 8 tenants I've met, I like one family. Unfortunately, they moved out. They actually kept the place clean and didn't cost more than they were worth to keep in the apartment. I don't think I would ever like to have been in my parents spot when they had to deal with all of it.

    the neighbors, they're the same. really tacky people

  9. lol wow. Well since they want to use commandments how about you use commandment 10, dont covet (I think)
  10. "Thou shalt not be a tweaker son of a bitch who doesn't pay rent. (Book of Revelation, 2:12)"

  11. trust me, I've thought of plenty joking ones, but I want to do serious ones since they really did put up 20:16

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