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    Hi, my 37 days old plant has droppy leaves, it grows slow
    it has yellow leaves
    brown spots
    burns? on pistils

    temp and humidity: 28.6°C(83.48°F), 40% measured at the same height as the top of the plant plant, under the light

    strain: auto white widow from
    seed bank says: it should reach 40-80cm in height, it should have a complete life cycle of 75 days and it should produce 100-200g indoor/per plant(not m2)

    lights + vent: 400W hps (light cycle: 24/0) at 30-35 cm (11.8-13.7 inch) from the top of the plant, 35W fan

    plant is 37 days old and has 25 cm in height

    soil: biobizz all-mix


    pH - 5.8 - 6.3

    5 december(23 days old): 400mL with 1mL/L biobizz bio grow, 2mL/L bio bloom, 1mL/L top max
    13 december(31 days old): 1200mL with 0.75mL/L bio grow, 1.5 mL/L bio bloom, 0.75mL/L top max
    19 december(today - 37 days old): 1000mL with 1mL/L bio grow, 2mL/L bio bloom, 1mL/L top max

    i water rarely because someone said me my plant is overwatered, but i always check if the pot is light and if the soil is dry(8 cm underground) before watering

    i dont think the problems are because of a virus/insects because i always disinfect and wash every tool i use/my hands, etc. and i didnt see any insect in soil/pot/grow tent/on plant/in the empty room in which i have the tent + i have a fan blowing directly on the plant

    can it recover?
    can it produce at least 40-50 grams?
    what should i do to help it recover?

    **sorry for bad english**
  2. Definitely has the look of of an overwatered plant, 100%.
    However, what we think of as overwatering isn't really too much water, its not enough air in the root zone. Too much water can cause it, but it can also be caused by soil without enough drainage, bugs in the roots, many other things.
    Can't say for sure what the cause is, but your girl is definitely not getting enough air in the roots. If it was me, I would get another bag of soil from somewhere different that you got the soil you are using now, and move the plant in to it. This is risky to do, but I would take her out of the pot and carefully rinse all the soil off the roots, then put her in new soil.
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  3. my money is on Root Rot,
    with a need to foliar ,some calmag or MgS04, half a tsp to a pint of warm water shake well and spray heavy
    for the root rot you may need a bottle from the grow store
    check this: Cannabis Root Rot - How to Identify & Get Rid of It Quickly!

    good luck
  4. i really dont think it is saveable 50 grams is probably not going to happen try getting some more seeds and starting more while you work on this one truthfully that is one sad plant sorry it sounds like you were doing everything right
  5. She looks thirsty to me. That’s less than three quarts of water in two weeks.
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  6. That looks like wilted lettuce. Start over. . Let it dry out while taken care of germination. Jeez Good Luck
  7. Soil will always be dry 8cm deep worry more about the root zone towards the bottom that you cant feel. If unsure get a second pot fill with nothing but dirt and dont water until plant potted is as light as plantless pot. I'd also start giving it a dark period to aid in recovery. Your body wouldnt heal as fast staying up 24/7. You're also phing like you're in coco for flower especially in soil need to raise ph to 6.5 to 7.0. I have a soil ph chart for some reason grass city doesn't let me upload hardly anything anymore without making pic so small it's useless. Look up soil nutrient ph chart. Phosphorus is minimally available below 6.5... least of your worries just a heads up.
  8. Nah it was underwatered, gave her 2 liters of water with A LOT of nutrients and it recovered in 2 days
  9. it was underwatered, but thanks
  10. starving plant . Underwatered .

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