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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Willy Woo, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. ok i started a plant about 3 months ago and now i have to move in about a month but it hasn't even started to show signs of sex or of flowering is there anything i can do to aid in the process like adding a bloom nutrient and if so which is the best one out ther because i was told it depends on the ammount of pottassium in the nutrient???????????
  2. and also is it possible for tomato plants to pollinate my plant????? i was told they were sooo alike that they could......
  3. Firstly do you have you're plants on 12/12 if so make sure that no light gets to them in the dark period as this can prolong for fert if you're in the States most people prefer Schultz brand...however i can't get that in Scotland you're looking for a N-P-K of approx 10-60-10 if you can get it....i have to settle with'll find these on the back or side of the fert....hope this helps.....Peace out.......Sid
  4. the plant is outside but i was wondering if i could use a box or something to alter the light because flowering seaon doesn't start for a little while still
  5. Sorry i thought you said that you were having to move in...i.e. indoors.....if it's outside you can put a bag over one of the branch ends to simulate does have to be dark in the bag.....once sex is established you can make some sort of lightproof box for it....but security is the main it visible to only you?....if it's in the wild then a box will not work as you'd have to go every day and take it off it so as to get sunlight each day....i grow indoors....however if you wairt a while one of the blades that grows outdoors will be able to better answer you're questions.....Peace out....Sid
  6. yea i'll try the bag thing that's what i was thinking

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