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Problems with Kaiser and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Litfan15, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I've had general anxiety disorder since I was fourteen, and I have been on Celexa ever since. One of my good friends introduced me to medical and recreational marijuana a few years ago and I've been smoking/vaping/consuming every once at a while at parties and whatnot. What I've noticed about smoking pot is that my inhibitions are pretty much swept aside and I feel much more at peace with my mind than I did in high school.
    The big problem, however, is that I'm still under my parent's hmo, Kaiser Permanente, and I see a psychiatrist every six months for my anxiety. I once told my doctor that I blazed during a crisis time and he sternly warned me about mixing  weed and Celexa. Of course, it's not a good idea to mix anything with the anti-depressant but he seemed so hell bent on stopping me from switching. My parents aren't too keen on pot and I doubt they would allow me to consume at home.
    Now my question is if it is possible to just persuade my psych to lay off with the pharmaceutical talk and discontinue my prescription of celexa or should I just wait until I get full time job and buy my own insurance, thus never soliciting a psychiatrist for anxiety, and getting a medical card from a medical marijuana doctor?
    If it helps, I live in California and we may have a referendum in 2016 for legalization

  2. The thing that annoys me about celexa is that when I run out of pills, I start to get irritable, itchy and get overall bad vibes from my environment :(

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  3. What's the point of seeing UN caring psychiatrist who won't prescribe your anxiolytics? Either ask for a new kaiser psych ( they will have more than one) or stop seeing him if you don't want to take your meds anyway and ask to see s psychologist if you think therapy will help. Btw fyi my patients lie to me all the time and no psych I have met runs routine drug screens. Also if you take your celexa script to a MMJ "doctor" ( what s racket) he will almost certainly issue you a card prob for $80.

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  4. Kaiser doctors are vehemently against anything that doesn't bolster their own network budget, generally. It's not as bad as people I know who have Kaiser and are trying to manage pain, they'll start drug testing you...
    Don't talk to them about it any more. I would't suggest stopping your pills, because it's the two together that seem to be working, as you haven't mentioned you stopped taking them. Just go get your rec and make sure you take care of you. 
  5. Beanie girl that's not completely true. I have many many friends who are kaiser docs who are conscientious caring physicians. They are of course limited by their formulary which generally restricts them to tried and true or generic drugs but in all honesty the VAST majority of new and improved pharm drugs are either BS rip offs or dangerous. There are good kaiser docs and bad kaiser docs. There are good private practice docs and bad ones as well. I have seen more harm done to patients from docs free to prescribe the "new and the best" than I have from more conservative docs who decline to experiment on their patient until s drug becomes more standard. Sorry your experience has been jaded. And no, I am not s kaiser doc having declined to join them because I would rather have some semblance of freedom in my practice albeit less and less so with increasing big brother interference.

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