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  1. So I got a new four piece grinder, and at first it was great with collecting kief. It collected a pretty good amount. But now it doesnt really collect thar much. I have scraped the screen, I still have a penny in the stash area, and im still shaking it the same, but I am getting little to no kief. Ive also noticed that there is a lot of stuff stuck to the bottom of the kief catcher, but it wont move when I go to scrape for kief. Any help? Thanks

  2. Your screens probably clogged, take a sewing needle or something of the sort an run it along the screen o make it vibrate so the kief thats stuck falls through. If that doesnt help then do an iso wash and clean it completely. If its still not collecting kief like before then its your herb and not your grinder, some weed is just more kiefy than other weed
  3. Maybe your nugs are too fresh. Let them dry out a bit.
  4. I think that could be it actually.. How long should I let them sit out? I keep all of my bud in an airtight jar
  5. Just leave some buds out in an ashtray overnight
  6. Shake them and open it once a day....If you ain't opening it more than that.... Leave it open for 24 hours. The stem should break when you bend it...not bend.
  7. You could try freezing your buds before grinding also
  8. For a quick dry that doesnt use heat, put nugs in mason jar not stacked though just later the bottome and maybe a couple more on top, put in fridge for a little then take out, condensation should build on the sides of the glass if your bud really is moist..dump bud out, wipe sides of jars, repeat.. Learned this trick when i wa younger from some old ass grower for when you want to sample some wet nugs off a plant, guy was like in his high 60's but god damn so much knowledge

    Also if your bud really is very moist, find a new dealer, good buds should have moisture but to a limit...

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