Problems with elevated heat !!!

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  1. purchase iPower cool tubes ansd running twin style with 6" 440CFM fan pulling ousted ambient air at 74* through both tubes and out the room. While pulling in fresh 4" 170CFM 74* ambient air into flower room while exhausting out with 4" 170CFM with carbon filter. All exhaust is completely out of room and also adjacent room. Both lamps running and exhaust on max I reach 88* before turning one off. How the hell to I get them down. Even added cheap inline btwn two tubes. I'm at a loss. Running (1) iPower Super HPS bulb and (1) Visisun Super 600W as well.....RH is 50%....Phukin stumped. IMG_1942.JPG IMG_1936.JPG IMG_1935.JPG IMG_1940.JPG IMG_1939.JPG IMG_1937.JPG
  2. The only thing I know to tell you to do is throw in an air conditioner. We had to put one in each of our flower rooms. We run 4, 1000 watt HPS per room and the heat is incredible once the lights come on in the evenings and warm up. A 5000 BTU couldn't do the job so we had to upgrade to 10,000 BTUs to get temps where I wanted them. Best money I've spent in a while. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it made in my plants. We live in the SE US and heat and humidity are horrible here this time of the year. Whatever you have to do to get the temps down will most definitely be worth the expense and hassle. They just do not perform well when the temps are up too high. It's almost like they just get stunted or something and they're also more susceptible to light burn too. But when I open my flower rooms now, even with 4,000 watts HPS running, it's actually almost cold in there. The plants immediately perked up and started looking like they should again. Temps are big. pH of the water/feed you give is big. Understanding nutes and how & when to give is big. Adequate lighting and understanding how to use it to your benefit is also big. But once you get all the components dialed in on your room, you can quickly make back any investments you've made to create it. I dropped several grand to just start the thing and took a good 9 months to get it together the way I wanted it, but it's been a solid producer since I finally figured the whole process out. We had to do ours once piece at a time until we got what we wanted together. There is NOTHING related to this hobby that is inexpensive and it's super important that you have a good overall understanding of the process and the plant before you go dropping $$$. It's easy to spend lots of money on stuff you really don't have to have. But that's all part of the learning curve I guess. Happy growing! TWW
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am an experience grower but always used 1 400w. by tripling the wattage I knew heat was an issue and hence why I went with cool tubes, really don't see why that a 440 CFM fan blasting 74* air over a 10-15ft linear path should be able to keep up. Not to mention the cool supply air in addition to the exhaust of the room with seperate4" inline/filter. If I cant control the heat its either a ac unit or CO2 enrichment both of wich are pricy...Not to mention by kick cold air / or CO2 only to have it vented immediately. Lost cause I think. I would hate see the temps if I were to cycle exhaust. Any ideas on reputable results of any LED's equivalent to a 1000W....or 2x600W
  5. First, run the lights at night during the summer.
    Second, replace ur metal ducting with insulated ducting for the lights.
    I quit using the 12000 btu ac units I have in both bud rooms using these simple methods

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