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    I am growing chronic from serious seeds
    One batch is in a ebb and flo filled with hydroton rocks using General Hydrponics nutrients and the ppm is around 1600 and ph around 5.9. Plants are under a 600 watt HPS. The plants in this sytems are looking beautiful.
    I am also growing chronic in a Aerospring Rubber Tote with the same nutrients ( 1400-1500 ppm) and also under a 600 watt HPS and ph around 5.9. Spots started developing on the lower older fan leaves durng the 3rd week of flowering and have moves up the fans leaves and are now starting on the bud leaves.
    I thought it may be a calcium defiency and sprayed with a dolimite lime solution which did nothing.
    So basically I have the same plants under the same conditions but the ones in the aerospring are having problems while the ebb and flo is doing great.
    Is there anyway this could be a disease instead of a defiency.
    Could this be nutrient burn?

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  2. Doubtful its a disease. Looks like nute burn or a Ph fluctuation. Change your reservoir, and run plain water for a week. Then return nutes at 1/4 strength. Make sure you keep your Ph level as stable as possible.
  3. thats the weirdest thing ive ever seen, like your leaves dont look damaged like burnt they look like something was splattered on them.. i know i burnt the shit outta my plants and they look burnt.. those dont have burnt tips or edges..

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