Problems with buds... see pics

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  1. Hi,

    I am having problems with my buds. They are looking very weedy and thin etc. One plant out of 13 plants is decent.

    I have done several season before, this is the first time with co2 and was expecting better results. I have used Super girl femanized seeds and the bio bizz nutrients range. I check the ph level constantly aswell so I am out of ideas.

    I was reading on some forums that femanized seeds dont produce the best results all the time.. is this true?

    Thanks for the help

    Here are the pics, the bad buds followed by one pic of the good plant then the co2 setup:

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  2. Looks like nute/salt buildup in your medium. Look @ the taco and folding down of those leaves.

    And fem seeds do just fine ;)
  3. How did that happen? and how come one plant is ok compared to the rest?

    What would I have to do to free up the medium?

  4. Just flushed out the drum... there was loads of crap floating in it. I'm going to flush them for the next day or two and then introduce nutrients slowly to them...:hello:

    Any other ideas?

    Also what do you think of my co2 setup... I think there is room for improvement maybe the way it is supported or something? any ideas????

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