Problems With Bud

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by acolangeli, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. I Have Been Smokin For A While...when I First Started It Was Nice To Just Sit Down And Relax With A Few Freinds And Toke Up. But Now When I Smoke Its Like A Whole Different Story. When I Smoke And Put My Weed Away I Sit There And Relise That I Cant Find A Comfortable Position No Mateer What I Do Something On My Body Will Hurt. And When I Eat Muncies They Feel Weird And Its Like I Dont Want Anything.and I Have No Drive To Do Anything.:(

    Does N E 1 Else Experiance Weird Stuff While High?
  2. I think you just need to relax with some friends and smoke. When your talking to them and doing shit with them you wont really notice how uncomfy you are. And i can tell your REALLY high when you wrote this because you cap's every first word haha.

    Just get some good friends and toke with them. Most people don't like to toke solo, I'm one of them, its a big waste when i smoke alone and i feel funky.
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. I get like that sometimes. The last part about feeling unmotivated is obviously a direct cause of the weed, so that explains that. Like he said, just get up with your boys and blaze, talk, play videogames or lunch out to some music, you'll be straight.

    Personally, I love blazin by myself. It's one of my favorite things to do, but I have a pretty solitary personality (despite being a very outgoing person) so I just go for a walk or jam by myself and it's straight.
  4. yeah i guess your right..thanx 4 the advice
  5. you know it affects everyone differenty. ussualy you have to something fun when blazed. For me thats music. Mabye try smoking alittle less too ussually that helps me cause i get really paranoid
  6. I get that a lot, if you wana do something a little different, what I normally do is get a different type of bud. Sativa and Indica have different affects sometimes, so if you get a type of bud thats a different sorta type depending on what you nrmally get, you might get a defferent sorta feeling. Music and video games are half the fun. Position wise, go for a bowl walk with some friends, it always helps.
  7. I've never had that happen man....I can entertain myself for ours on end with nothing when I'm high.

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