Problems with bubble cloner!

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by DubSacAssassin, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hello GC!

    I'm having some issues with my bubble cloner. It's a replica of what mechanibus is using in his setup. I just can't get em to pop roots with this setup. My old Rump inspired mister cloner only got one to root. They are all in the bubble cloner now.
    I think I had the ppm too high...Swapped both res' with fresh water and more botanicare power clone. The ph is now around 6.1-6.2

    I've also gone through a range of heat temps. Started out very cold, got one to root then they slowed Down alot so I warmed it up to ~84 then slowly brought it back down to about 78. Still nothin so when I swapped out eith fresh water I made sure it was a little cold.

    It's going on the end of two weeks for some of them; getting kinda worried and I need em to take off asap!

    Thanks for reading my bullshit :smoking:
  2. only use water in the cloner. all the pros say that.
  3. yeap, just water is the key IMO... Also, particular strains take longer to clone.. My skunk strain takes almost 4 weeks sometimes to begin rooting in a DIY bubble cloner.. I also have a daisy cloner... Same time frame..

    Unless they are falling over dead, they will eventually root..

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