Problems with branches growing to far from main stem. Please help

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  1. So I'm about 7 weeks into veg on my first grow so work with me I'm new to this.I'm pretty sure to get the biggest yield you'd want your buds growing close or if not on your main stem. My plants secondary stems are branching out really far from the main stem and I don't think they'll be able to support alot of bud when flowering.. any help?

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  2. Anyone? Looking for a possible fix before flowering starts. Help!Sent from my EVO using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    the fix you are looking for is a tomato stake.  perhaps several.  youre lighting appears to be a little off somehow because the branching is more spaced out than they aught to be (known around here as 'stretch'), but its not terrible.  When they are a little stretched and spindly the buds will def weigh them down late in flower and theyll bend over if you dont hold them up, but youd be surprised how the plant readies itself for flower and how much the little stems will take.  
    Tomato stakes.  place one daily, as needed for chunkage.
  4. More light, and make sure that your plants are getting a healthy dosage of phosphorous.  It helps with branch/stem/root development.
  5. yeah just go ahead and flower, and if it seems like a branch wont be able to hold its weight then go ahead and tie that sucker up or like zippy said, stakes.

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