Problems with anti drug friend.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nathan, May 29, 2009.

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    My friend since grade 2 said if I started drugs he would not be friends with me anymore. I smoke weed a few times a month. I'm sure he will find out soon. Word is slowly going around school. I don't know what to do. I'm not going to stop because of him. If he threated me not be my friend, he isn't worth it.
  2. dude just say "i smoke so what? you gonna tell me its a drug? its an herb! so tell me why you would stop over me smoking a herb" he than should try to say its a drug but he will be compleatly and udderly shut up
  3. BE HONEST WITH HIM. show him that weed is not harmful and show him that your smoking will not negatively effect your friendship
    you need to talk to him. don't be so willing to throw away a friendship that you've had since 2nd grade
  4. if he doesnt accept you for who u are then u dont want him as a friend..toke up if u enjoy it
  5. i really dont understand how people can stop being friends with someone (especially being friends for so long, in your case) over marijuana. it's fucking nuts. and stupid.
  6. Failed attempt to be funny by "Cannabis Lecter".
  7. Dude fuck friends, you've got drugs.


    Anywho, I also have a friend like this, he also doesn't know, and thank god. When I was "against" weed in high school, one of my other friends smoked and friend #1 wanted to have an intervention. Even I thought that was pretty gay.

    If being up front about it doesn't work, just avoid the issue entirely. It's worked for me. Sorry for the terrible advice.
  8. Woops, too late :eek:
  9. I already have. I showed him it isn't harmful but showing his a health project I made about weed.:D. After I showed him he said "Ok, so even if it isn't bad for you. I'm still never gonna touch it". He precoded to talk about weed allot that nite. Because I brought some stoner movies to his house lol. And he was joking about it and out of the blue in the most serious voide he said "Seriously if you start doing drugs, I wont be friends with you anymore". I'm like ok........... lol. This was about a month ago.
  10. Failed attempt #2 to be funny by "Cannabis Lecter". Keep it up bud, you're on a roll.:laughing:
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    he isnt a good friend than

    oh and lecter? stop being such a dick? please? for the lil children who die when your a dick?
  12. pretty much, you should be honest with him. The longer you put it off the more likely he'll feel mad that you hid the fact you were smoking from him. I can see this going one of 2 different ways
    1) he learns to deal, and you guys are still friends
    2) he decides not to be friends with you anymore. If he takes this option, I'd say he wasn't really worthy of your friendship in the first place.

    @bortron5000 if the kid wanted to throw an intervention, even though it's retarded, it just means the kid cares about other friend, but is misinformed.

  13. Wait... How old are you?:eek:
  14. yeah thats bullshit. i hate when people do that like if you do this i wont be your friend. its your life not his. as much as losing good friends sucks, its your life and real friendships arent about ultimatums for things people have different beliefs on. im not saying you should not be his friend but thats just immature. people need to realize others have their own way of life just as they do.
  15. get him to watch The Union.
    'nuff said.
  16. I have. Hence my other post.
  17. I say if your friend has a problem with you smoking pot, bake him a batch of special brownies. He'll chill out and take that stick out of his ass then.
  18. Yah dude thats pretty lame. And whats with this shit about it spreading around school? Thats like jr. high shit man like at least half of my high school smokes. Glad im graduating soon :)
  19. I'd say tell him first and see what happens.

    It's better if he finds out from you than from other people.
  20. Totally agree with post above.

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