Problems with AC on grow cabinet

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    Hi All,

    First of all sorry my bad English, I hope someone can help me with this, I live in a tropical city, temps in my cabinet are in the range of 82-88 °F (28-31 °C), and humidity goes from 70 to 80%, so I'm really scared about the possibility of mold on my flowers, my ventilation setup is good, and temps and humidity are usually the same inside the cabinet than outdoors, I decided to cut a hole on the cabinet and install a little window 5000 btu ac unit hoping to get lower humidity and temps, the problem I'm seeing is that humidity/temps varies a lot, when the ac is cooling humidity drops to 54% and temps to 75, but as any ac it stops cooling from time to time, when that happens humidity goes up to 90%, my thermometer shows an stable temperature, but I think is because is just slow, I can feel the difference in temp if a place my hand inside the cabinet, so I guess tempr also change a lot.

    I have read that cannabis plants don't like variable conditions, so I was wondering what is better, to uninstall the ac and let the flowers grow with 78-88 °F and 70 to 80% humidity or leave the AC there with the variable conditions, what do you think?
  2. It sounds to me like your temps will get way too high without some form of AC in your box. We had to put one in our flower room to help control the temps and then had to upgrade to a larger one when we doubled our lights from 2 to 4. The main thing is to make sure your plants don't get that high heat in the box. Heat will kill them as fast as anything. You should be safe up into the mid 80s, but anything above that begins to get risky. I don't know what to tell you other than you've got to control the heat in the space. That's always the problem when trying to do one of these grows in a small space. Even the cooler lights create heat when they're stuck into a small area. TWW
  3. It sounds like your AC may be a bit too large for your space, and the thermostat can't keep up. Use the AC to cool the room that your cabinet is in. Instead of putting it directly in the cab.
  4. Sealing the room and placing an AC + Air exhaust system would be a huge amount of work, and I think the 5000 btu AC would not be able to cool that room, is there something I could do on the cabinet?

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