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  1. Have had some trouble transplanting clones to soil from rockwool. I'm using happy frog out of the bag. I'm thinking it's either nutrient burn or stress from the lights... any input appreciated

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  2. "hot" soil. Clones can't handle nutes for about 2-3 weeks after transplant well, and the HF has plenty of nutes for 6-8 weeks of energetic growth. Cut WAY back on watering, doing only what is absolutely necessary, so you're not dissolving nutes in water at too high a rate, for the plant to draw in, it will help.

    Whether it will help ENOUGH is a question I can't answer.

    Future reference...I see far more complaints and horror stories relating to pre-fertilized products like HF and MG than success stories...doesn't mean I don't know people wedded to the products, or who don't get good results, just that there are more people reporting problems than satisfaction---personally, I won't use pre-fertilized soil, because of how dry nutes work.
    The reason is the mentality
    MiracleGrow = Bad : Fox Farm = Good
    Slow release balls = Evil therefore rubbish : Organic enriched soil = Good therefore perfect
    It's the same reason why half the people also say they have all the FF nutes or the whole range of GH Organics range and start using them right away.  Because it's magic potion that makes them dank nugs, right?!?
  4. Thank you for the replies. If I pushed the ppm of the nutrient solution for my clones closer to 600 before I transplanted and sort of "hardened them off", would this help? I've been growing in soil for years but always in seed form, never had these problems. If I did switch my transplants from HF to a nonfert soil, how would I fertilize them with a liquid organic line like age old organics
  5. The point is clones are like babies, and they can't stomach rich food.  You don't give babies chocolate and caviar, you give them rusk biscuits and mashed banana instead otherwise they vomit everywhere even more often than they usually do.
    So your HF soil is really rich and nutritious which is great for healthy growing plants, but it's too rich for the clones that don't even have any roots at all yet!  Many bagged soils are fertilised with extra nutrients, but for example you can buy "seedling and cutting" or "light" mix composts which have fewer nutrients and are easier for the delicate plants to develop roots in.  Then once you have a plant with a small root ball, you can transplant that into a pot with your HF soil and grow from there.
    The only time you'd need to feed your clones a nutrient solution is if you used rockwool or coir or some other inert medium to get the roots growing, and you might use a very weak solution.  I wouldn't mess around with your feeding schedule of the plant you take clones from as long as it's healthy.
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    I transplant clones into ffhf all the stinkin time and have never had one die on me the way yours have.

    Your problem is humidity, not nutrients. Put a humidity dome over them for a few days while they settle into the soil.

    Again, the nutrient based answers are waaaaaaay off.

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