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  1. Hello, beautiful people of the earth! What might cause a hempy bucket plant to turn a pale yellow? I've tried flushing(very thorough), varying pH and PPMs, different regimens of nutes and everything I can think of. I keep meticulous notes on day to day procedures but can't seem to pinpoint my problem. This has been going on since I switched to the hempy style about a year and a half ago. It's still producing but I feel like it could easily produce more if I could figure this problem out.
    Let me give you some pics for this hypothetical situation :) 3x3 tent, 400w hortilux hps(Day 7~), cool tube, separate ducting and inline fans on controllers for light and scrubber, 3 small fans inside to move the air, 3 indica dominant strains with 4 buckets using 100% perlite(2 bux the same strain).. temps 66/82 and that's rock solid, never varies. RH usually hovers around 35-40, hygrometer in the tent. Also have a washing machine 'tub' on the floor of the tent that all 4 bux sit in so I can flush the shit out of them. I use the MW102 pH meter and check it every watering, no exception. I've tried 5.9 mostly..then about 6 weeks ago I checked the runoff and it was really high. i flushed and checked again after a couple waterings and it was pretty much the same thing again. That prompted me to lower the pH of the water going in. What I did was mix my water(RO 1ppm) with nutes(Lucas formula+CaMg+epsom) and that has a pH of 5.4~ depending on the strength of the nutes. This went on for a few waterings(water every other day now). Checked again and it was the same...again. So I reread the manual so to say and started using 6.2 under the advice of hempy himself but no luck.
    Now all the while, the clones I take are a perfect color green by the time they root. They're sitting in rockwool cubes under the indirect light of a couple CFLs in a propagation tray/dome. Their pH fluctuates somewhat as I'm not nearly as picky about what's going into those. I have 4 clones coming out tonight or tomorrow and I know that as soon as I put them in perlite they're gonna look shitty all the sudden. What gives?
    Thanks for looking. Now I'm gonna research 100% rockwool in hempy style bux lol fuck it
    On a side note, I owe every bit of knowledge to this forum and the fine people around here. I've shared what I've learned with a couple people from work who've had great success just like I have. Unfortunately, the apple never falls far since they're having the SAME symptoms but like me have been able to sustains their needs. Hoping someone can help shed some light. Peace out!!

  2. Lots of views but no replies, yeah I'm stumped too lol..I think I'm going to make the switch to 100% stonewool. They're about a week into flower so I'm going to try to control this while they ride it out.
    Good luck, everyone!
  3. Hi just a suggested but you lost me on a fair amount of this as it's the beginners section. You might have more luck in the sick plants section with some pictures

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