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    Hello everyone! I recently started my first grow attempt and it seems like im already off to a bad start. I started germinating with jiffy cubes and bag seed for practice on the 22nd then the next day i couldnt wait so i started my ak 48 fems using the paper towel method. I also started to prepare my rockwool cubes using bottled water adjusted to 5.6 or at least i think as i am currently using the test strips. The next day two of the aks had popped and the rockwool seemed ready so i put them in taps down and put them im my humidity dome that came with the jiffy cubes. Over the course of the next three days i did the same with the rest of my aks 5 out of 5 popped and everything seemed good. On the third day when the last ak popped my first ak as well as two of the bag seeds sprouted so i set the humidity dome in my cabnet under 400w mh about 2 to 3 feet away and left it on for 24/7 ever since. That was on the 25th. So here i am five days later and the bag seeds out grew the aks but almost tripple and then started to droop. Meanwhile the aks took off well in the first two or three days and then stopped growinv completely it seems and turned a kind of purple color on the leaves. The stems still seem to be green tho. The last ak to pop still hasent sprouted i lifted the piece of rock wool covering it this morning and it seemed green and good but i got home this evening and checked again and now it too has turned kinda purple. Now im worried that ive made a big mistake somewhere along the way. I havent watered them at all ive just left them in the dome with a heat pad on low and the lights on. There seems to be plenty of moisture in the dome maybe too much? I took the lid off a little while ago but i dont know if it will help. I have been checking them every day since they sprouted twice a day in the morning and evening i take the lid off to give them fresh air but things are not looking good. Can anybody tell me what im doing wrong? Ive got pics but they are on my phone which is what im posting from right now and im not sure how to up load them. I have a pc but no enternet because im kinda out in bfe. If anybody knows anything about postings pics from phones that would be great too. Thanks a lot.
  2. Sorry man im having a hell of a time trying to get these pics off my phone. I dont know if i will be able to but I think i may have found the culprit. After I took the lid off the dome I started this thread and in the time it took me to do that three of my ak's showed considerable regression. Im pretty sure they are done with :( however i checked the ph of some of the water that had condensated on the lid and it was way high like 8 something from the color of the test strip. Im guessing even tho I soaked the rockwool in ph adjusted water for 24 hrs I didnt adjust it low enough or long enough. Since I never watered them during the four days they were sprouted that over time the ph concentrated as the water went through its cycles of evaporation and condensation. That may also be why my bag seeds in the jiffy cube seemed to be less effected although they too were getting some of the effects of the ph inbalance. I put some bottled water at low 5s or maybe even 4 something ph value straight to the rockwool. I doubt this will save the ak's but im hoping it may help the three bag seeds as they are some what more developed. What ever happens i feal like ive learned something (unless im totally off on this diagnosis). Tommorow I plan on hitting up the hydro shop and getting some rockwool conditioner. Does anyone have any experience with this or anything like my problems with rockwool.and a humidity dome?
  3. Ditch the rockwool and use seed starter plugs. No ph problems.

  4. Ok cool i will do that. What kind of starter plugs? Will they work with a hydroponic set up?
  5. Thanks a lot zoomee if my next attempt with rockwool goes as bad as my last I will definetly be picking up some rapid rooter plugs. If any one else is having problems with germinating from seed i found this link that had some pretty good info i hope it helps. Guide to Cannabis Germination & Planting of Cannabis Seeds
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    Honestly, in 4 grows all from seed witih no previous experience I have never had any trouble getting all my seeds to germinate and do fine. I don't understand the need for all the special set ups, heating pads, domes etc. Why mess with paper towels? Just another interruption of the plant when you transplant it.

    Here's what's worked for me: I use a 6 gallon DWC (stealth hydro) which has 6 net pockets, pump with lines to feed each one and bubblers. I take a 2x2 rockwool cube, soak it in water, ph adjusted to 5.8 or so, check until stable ph achieved. Then drop the seed into about the center of the cube, put the cube on top of my pump feed tube for that basket, fill around with hyperoin, then set the pump on 1-2 times a day for 15 min (smallest time I can use). 3 days later she'll pop. Then I add 1-2 60watt CFLs in the right veg spectrum until they set their second set after the round baby leaves. I remove the CFLs and go to the 400w MH. So far, 100% success with this. Keep it simple!!! Nature doesn't have paper towels or humidity domes! Hope that helps!
  7. Also, noted that you are running your lights 24/7. I have heard of this, but it is my understanding from plant biology class about 30 yrs ago that all plants must have some dark time to breath right. In the light they take in CO2 and release O2, and generally do the opposite at night. I don't think there is any advantage to running your lights 24/7 and it just adds to your power bill. You may want to try 20/4 cycle to see how that works. Others may disagree, but ya gotta have some science behind it to convince me!
  8. Thanks for the input sabastian :) just an update i had to start over from scratch. I am pretty certain the humidity dome was the cause of my seedling untimely death :( however lesson learned and i have already moved on. I started with only bag seed this time so as not to waste my good seeds in case of another begginers error. This time i soked the seeds for almost 24 hours since they were over a year old. After a good soaking i went straight to my rockwool which i only dipped in ph balanced water. I started this batch a little over a week ago and so far ive got six very healthy seedlings working on their second set of true leaves. Ive kept the humidity dome off and my 400w mh on 18/6 and have been letting the rockwool get relativly dry however not completely dry. It seems to be working for now i will let you know if i have anymore problems. Peace and happy growing!
  9. No pre-soaking of seeds, no paper towel, no humidity dome and no heat mat. Soak rockwool cubes in distilled water for 5 minutes and slightly shake dry. Plant seeds flat into the rockwool cube and place a small cfl over them and not very close. You should get 90%+ germination. It appears that you may be cooking you plants to death.
    I got this method from high price seed companies (they want your business again) and it changed my germination percentage completely. They will not garantee their seeds, if started any other way.
  10. Coco coir ftw

  11. Im going to have to agree with you. So far this method has been the most sucsessful for me too. Ive got nine mixed bag seeds going strong right now on their third week all without the "help" of a humidity dome or heatmat or paper towels. Thanks for the advice :)
  12. Super helpful thank you to everyone for the advice

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