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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cmbr66, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. i gave my friend a seed i found in my cronic so i gave him all this info on growing. well he ran into some problems with geminating. he used a sponge and he said he did everything to make sure it was perfect....not to wet and not to dry. but he said after afew days it looked like the seed was dying. he said he had it in the sponge for a week. he said it didnt do anything so he just planted it in the soil. will it still grow?
  2. hm doubt it, it should show atleast SOME small bit of growth after 24 hrs. make sure its in a warm spot, that is key.
  3. the seed was light green and now its brown. he had it in the sponge under a light. btw he has more seeds but they look smashed. will they still grow?
  4. hard to thing to do is plant them and see, i don't bother with the whole sponge and paper towel thing....a lot of people have success this way but i find the way that i do it suffices, what have you got to loose?......Peace out.....Sid
  5. "i find the way that i do it suffices"

    which way is that sid?? do you just put them in the soil and let nature take its course? ive heard about 100 different ways of germinating from scratching the seeds to putting them in the freezer...

    i think im gona go with the wet paper towel thing and possibly ill try straight into the soil too...
  6. yeah i just put it approx 1" under the soil in the middle and make sure it stays moist, if it hasn't showed in a few days....say for example 4-5 days i gently move the soil away and see if it's germinated and make sure the tap root is facing the bottom of the pot......Peace out....Sid
  7. do the wet paper towel every time

    no muss no fuss
  8. wet paper towel put up by your furnace within two days there ready
  9. whichever works for you, just use that method from this grow on, it's down to personal prefrence....i've allways just planted in soil....100% success rate so far......Peace out....Sid
  10. lol, thx all..

    but hopefully customs hasnt got ahold of my little babies.. my seeds were supposed to be here almost two weeks ago..

  11. in my past with germing seeds the ones exposed to any light during that period didnt germ at all. I guess heat and complete darkness is the key. I put mine in a germing kit and dont interruptt the dark period until 4 days later and by then they done sprouted to like a few inches cuz of the high humdity. if you need a germ kit look at it has been 100% germ since i got it.
  12. Having tried a few different ways of starting seeds, I must admit that the paper towel method works best for me.I soak a paper towel with sterilised water, put it on a saucer, place the seeds on it then place another wet towel on top then another saucer on top to prevent any light entering. This is then put somewhere with a constant high temp. {70-80f} all that is necessary then is to check every day that the towels arent drying out. By the way, I have heard that it is a bad idea to let the sprouts get any longer than about a quarter of an inch before you plant because the energy stored in the seed is almost used-up by then.

    Best of luck !!

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