Problems during Flowering

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  1. So I've had this plant growing pretty good all the way through veg,, but when it hit flower it showed signs of female,, but all the pistils dissappeared,, I've been looking for bananas and seed sacs,, none that i can see,,, I flushed the soil pretty good , then let dry for a few days, then added my flower nutes,, and i see a slight betterment in the buds appearance,,,, I see little terpenes forming and the slightest stink,, but still no pistils??? also the buds seem to be getting a lil bigger slowly,, hmmm idk,, I've grown a bunch of different weed ,,I've never had this happen,, anyone have any light to shed?,, also the rest of the plant looks good,, other than slight nitro def,, I just cant figure out what's going on with this bud,,???? I had 2 900 led flower lights above it about 28 inches,, so that's 1800w led on 1 plant, maybe too much light? The heat stays around 80 hum at 45

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  2. looks wierd have u got a closer picture? its abit blury to see anything pal the leaves have a yellow mark on them that almost look like that tobaco virus

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  3. I agree it is kinda hard to see, but I can tell there’s something going on. How old are they? What kind of soil and nutes? Have you tested the ph?
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  4. Thanks for replies guys,, I'll try to take some better pics,,week 3 to 4 on flower,, I vegged outdoor,, then setup a indoor grow tent and moved it indoor for flower,,, the soil is worm casting with a high balanced topsoil,, I recently flushed and added Alaska bloom nutes,, liquid,,
  5. How many hours of light/ dark?
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  6. There on a 12 12 rn,,it was a seed i got outta some dank i smoked a while ago,,idk if its cauliflower but I heard that could mess with it,, I'm not sure if it would do this, I havnt seen this in a few years of closet grows:/
  7. Here's some more pics,,a lil bit of trichomes are forming,, still pistils are burnt,

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  8. I have 2 900 leds red blue in the tent,, I turned 1 off ,, I'm think 1800w might be to much for 1 plant?? Even if Led?
  9. It was almost like lil veg nugs growing in with no terpenes,, but I recently remedied a light leak I discovered like 5 days ago when I also did the flush,, and added more bloom nutes,,now theres some terpenes starting, but has anyone seen this before?,, I haven't been able to find anything really like it
  10. Seems like they locked up, stopped growing and the calyxes that were there, matured and shed their pistils.
    You may see somewhat explosive fox-tailing in a few days is my bet.
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    Maybe starting to reveg? Or maybe it is the strain characteristics.
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  12. Fer sure,, I think it could've been a combo of nute lockout,, and light leak,,, but now 6 days later,, pistols, but it's getting smelly and the trichomes are starting to come in,,,
  13. I fixed light leak,,, flushed soil thorough,,, removed 1 900w led,, it had 1800w,,, let soil dry a lil,, and added bloom nutes,, fingers crossed
  14. If the light leak was significant then that is most likely your problem. If they started to veg again it's going to be a while before you see them recover. I would say a week or so behind. Keep a sharp eye out for herms! Good luck man-

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