Problems continue.

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  1. well here is another post about problems :/

    Spoke with a few people and they seem to thing I need cal+mag... I have been looking at pics and does not really look like that type of defficancy... but I'm probably wrong just need all the input I can get (no offence to who told me)

    IMG_0132.JPG IMG_0135.JPG IMG_0136.JPG IMG_0138.JPG IMG_0139.JPG IMG_0140.JPG
  2. They were correct.
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  3. Thanks guys

    Some Epsom salts in the soup help ?
  4. Yes, don't go crazy with it. Try 1/4 teaspoon per gallon and see where it goes. Are your leafs waxy looking or is that a play of the camera?[​IMG]

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  5. calcium is locked out of that plant cuz the ph dipped to below what's necessary for it to be absorbed ...check the run off ph....I bet it's low..check these pics of the orange dots showing up sporadically all over the plant... you can also lock calcium out by spraying too much BS on the leaves ..clogging the stomata on the undersides of the leaves..also making the orange rust dots appear's probably a combo by now due to the ph fluctuating DOWN....adjust it ...good luck

    GFP [​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. The leaves are a little waxy looking yes man... and I think I have bee keeping my PH a little low at like 5.7 then fluctuating to around 6.2... it's sitting at 6.1 @ the moment and I upped the nutes last night from 1 mill per litre to 1.5. The EC has stayed stable @ 1

    But the ph rose a little so I added a little ph down to get her to the right level..

    Kind of over these problems to be honest all I was doing is going off the feed schedule but that seems to be redicules
  7. your in soil? ( sorry I forget) too many posts to answer...


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  8. DWC purp..

    Addded the Epsom salts ana made the ec go spastic @ 3.4 fucking hell I'll make up another mix with some in there from they start and god from there :(
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  9. The salt made it go mad man... it was @ 1 and only added 4 tea spoons and it said 2 t spoons per litre I have 5 litre divided it and then did only 4 to be on the safe side :/
  10. good ...make a new batch at 1/4 strength ...until the plant shows good signs of dancing it's leaves up and returning green ....then over the next week ...bump up the ec to normal levels..also ..check the roots may have rootzone problems that aren't ph ...your ph is in range for Dwc...só something else happened or is happening....

    new water...maintain ph in range once every 12 hours until it stabilizes...and it will jump...BE patient


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  11. Looks like Calcium lockout due to the PH being off
  12. too much magnesium will lockout calcium they go back and forth.. BACK to 1/4 strength no additives for now...Your in Dwc it will recover faster than any system if done right


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  13. I was having calcium issues. Turns out my soil less medium was with a PH too high. I pump it up to 6.7-6.8
    However my plants seem to dig that shit as I had a little nute burn ( which can be healthy in some manner) and the nute lock ( due to high ph) got fixed when I poured 6.4 ph water ( 2L)

    Best technique is : 6.5 ph everytime
    Fert on monday

    Plain water on wednesday ( only if top soil feels warm or pot feels empty when lifted)

    Then nothing until next monday. That way you give em an appropriate ppm and PH level!!

    PS: this is my 4th grow so... i dont really deserve any credit

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  14. I'm growimg in DWC mate, thanks though..
  15. I ended up pouring half the solution out in the soup and adding plain ph'd water till the ec was sitting @ 1.2...

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