Problems Building My 1St Vaporizer: Help Please

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by joe-dream, May 30, 2013.

  1. Need a little help engineering this ghetto ass vape.  It has potential to be cool... shit just started melting on my 1st clinical trials.


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  2. 1) maybe you could find a glass material or buy metal pipes
    2) you probably should not use aluminum , maybe copper or stainless steel.
    3) a better fit and maybe get some silicone sheet and either glue it on the glass or the funnel thing.
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    Stainless steel has a low thermal conductivity, which it essential.  The base of the pipe will be resting on plastic, so the material I need must not melt the base plastic.  
    Can I buy stainless steel pipes from Lowes or Home Depot?  If so, what's the general price range for a 2" diameter x 5" tall.
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    What's bad about aluminum?  I'm having a hard time finding reliable resources for the health hazards of oxidation for aluminum & copper.
    Both metals seem ideal, due to the high thermal conductivity.  Copper has almost double the thermal conductivity, however, the issue is being able to find & purchase a the shape I need for the Heat Transfer Plate.
  4. 1) no idea on the prices , maybe their website will give you a clue.
    2) Alzheimer autopsies shows a higher level of aluminum , It's only correlative evidence that supports it, so not yet proven. I just kinda have a bias to be extra careful.
    Maybe you could get a thin copper sheet and cut the shapes you want or some copper foil and fold them for preferred thickness.
  5. I just thought of something with aluminum.  The hookah lounge I worked at used aluminum to place the hot coals on.  I'm thinking this probably should be ok??  I'm still hesitant.
  6. LOTS of new problems today... I'll post them a little bit later when I fully understand how to put all the challenges into words.

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