problems about setting up my dehumidifier in my grow tent

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  1. i have huge RH problem.i am 4. week of flowering and night time humidity is around 90% ! . there is no mold or PW issue -yet - .
    temp is around 83F and 60F at nights .

    i will buy a dehumidifier but i cant decide where i should put it .

    i have 1 active intake fan and it is 350m3 and pulls fresh air from my balcony to the tent.
    other 400m3 extractor is exhaust and extract the air from tent to outside of the house.

    total air movement is 350m3 / h . but the most powerful dehumidifier has 200m3 /H air capacity and 20L/ H dehumidify capacity.

    can the dehumidifier work in tent properly like this picture ?
    i also read that dehumidifiers warm up the grow room. is it true ? temp is already high in my tent ,it is around 80 - 85 F and i dont use CO2 . how much can a dehumidifier increase temperature in the tent ?

    i am very confused guys please help me.

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  2. FYI- they make dehumidifiers that cool as well as dehumidify. We run one in our bedroom during the moist summer here where the rH is around 60. Sorry if tha'ts not much help, didn't know if you knew they made cooling dehumidifiers or not.

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