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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by purell3, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, just signed up and seems like a great forum. Anyways, here is my problem. I normally put my weed in smoothie bottles b/c I live in a dorm so I need everything hidden 24/7. I got a new one today and rinsed it out and everything with water, went to smoke a bowl, came back and put my weed in the new bottle. So I just go and look at it now and the weed is damp as fuck. I was high as fuck when I got back and forget the bottle still wasn't dry. I'm now letting the weed dry out by a all my shit fucked or will it be ok? It seems to be drying out now...
  2. set it out to dry somewhere, don't keep it in a container til its dry, wait too long and it will mold.
  3. Just leave it out.
  4. its very important you dry it out, do you have a portable hair dryer? *pro-tip: they're used for more than hair ;)* talk to a girl in the dorms, someone has to have one, should only take a couple minutes. If it gets too dry, stick an Orange peel in the container for 15 minutes or so.
  5. Is a hair dryer necessary? Anyone know approx how long it will take to dry out?

    Sorry, I meant to say it IS drying out by the window.
  6. No, it's certainly not. But it'll speed up the process. If its just damp, i'd give it a half an hour to and hour to make sure its dry.
  7. Thx alot for your help, it seems to be working. :eek:
  8. All in a day's work sir.

    oh no, I hear the sound of glass breaking, a stoner somewhere has just broken a piece, I am needed elsewhere!

    El Higgybong...AWAAAaYYY :smoke::smoke::hippie::smoke::smoke:
  9. I've smoked plenty-a damp weed... never really done anything to me.
  10. good shit, good to know.
  11. I just remember working in a kitchen and taking a pan out of an oven with wet rags instead of dry ones. Bad move. If my weed is too wet I get all sketched and remember the blisters, and then think about inhaling hot steam...doubt it would ever happen but I'm weird.
  12. I just smoked a bowl of it and I guess it was too damp b/c I'm not really high and got shitty ass hits. I'll let it dry overnight.
  13. Put it on a postcard and then stick it on ur radiator for half an hour or so, thats how I dry my weed if its ever a bit damp, works like a charm
  14. that's how i dry out my blunts if they are too moist. also you can consider spreading it out on a paper towel and putting it in the microwave for 10 seconds.
  15. i heard that from a friend, and i ended up fucking up my weed, didnt get a high off it. maybe i just did it for too long or somethin
  16. yeah 10 seconds is all you need. i usually use this method now when i roll blunts. i usually wet them pretty well to make certain that it will stick (i roll the inner leaf, then wrap the outer around it). i then pop it in the micro wave for 10 seconds and that firms it up pretty well. as for loose weed i would use 5 second increments, and you don't want to go until it 100% dry.
  17. Damn, I do the same thing. 10 seconds in the microwave after rolling to firm it up.

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