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  1. Ok i was just fucking around and threw a bunch of seeds in a cup with some soil and now i got like 2 little plants how am i supposed to move these? and what is a good light on light off ratio for plants this young cuz i been 24/7
  2. well, first of all, you need those two plants to be in 2 seperate pots. find whatever you can thats bigger than a cup to put them in, and then get some kind of growing light. a basic setup would be some CFL's from home depot.

    as far as lighting schedules, you want your plants to be on an 18/6 light cycle until they are ready for flowering, at which point after a 36 hour darkness period, you give them 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark a day.

    i hope this helps.

  3. yes this does help. question can u switch soils?
  4. yep. prefferably organic soil is what your looking for. there are many choices out there, but make sure you get nothing that has any time released nutrients, they can harm the plants and stunt growth or even kill them.

    any soil will do really, that is up to you, just avoid any pre mixed nutrients, no matter what the packaging tells you.

  5. ok now what to doo for pots cuz i have enough for the lights and soil but atm thats all lol.. what could i use around the home for a pot?
  6. you could start by getting some soda bottles, cutting them in half and using those, but then youll have the repot later. any container that is water tight should work.

  7. ok soo i switched the one where there was 2 in one i got them both in the bottom half of old liquor bottles. hey should i start like a grow diary soo people can help me if im doing something wrong???
  8. Whatever container you use, be sure to poke, cut, drill some drainage holes in the bottom.
  9. Ok but where are they gonna drain? into my box? question for anyone whats good watering schedule?
  10. One of the things I like most about gardening is discovery, and figuring things out.

    If you don't put something under your pots/bottles/etc. then yeah, they will drain into your box. As for watering, over watering is as bad, if not worse than underwatering. I water my plants thoroughly until there is water coming out of the drain holes. There isn't a set schedule that everyone should follow. Water when the top few inches of soil are dry, or when the leaves start to look droopy. How quickly this happens depends on the humidity in your grow room, the size of the pots, and the size of your plants in relation to the pot they're in. Plants whose roots fill the pot will suck up more water than that same plant with lots of room in the pot.

  11. Hey Man,

    Go to the dollar store and get a package of trays to go underneath your pots. It costs a dollar for 6 of them...that way when you water your plants, the water drains into the little trays and you can just safely dispose of the runoff that way.

    Also, I got organic soil at the dollar store for .50 cents for 2.7 liters. Also, the cheapest pots I found were less than 50 cents at the local Wal Mart.

    So, in short, for less than $5 cash, you should be able to get all your pots, soil and trays, [and possibly some vermiculite for $2-3 to mix in with your organic soil]. The most expensive thing in my closet right now are the CFL bulbs, which were around $8-$12 at Walmart or Home Depot, take your pic.

    Another thing to invest in is a power bar, so that way you can plug fans and other equipment later on. A good tip is to keep your electrical components mounted above your waist and anything with H20 to be below the waist (this safety tip comes from Jorge Cervantes video, you can download it with BitLord or some other torrent program, I would def. recommend watching it through).

    Good Luck and Be Safe!
  12. wow dude i never knew the dollar store yeah im going thank you soo much ... im gonna take 2 pics later and i mean these things are only a cpl days old prolly but idk even know if there considered plants yet.
  13. yep, they are seedlings now! Have fun shopping for supplies, that's one of my favorite things to do now, lol.
  14. good luck man... every big plant you see a pic of started from a tiny seed.. unless it was a clone.. so give them plenty of love and read the stickies in this forum. i knew nothing about growing till i came in here round about december.. thanks to all the help i get from the experts in here i am now on my second grow having finished my first one very sucsessfull :):).. so grow on bro.. learn and have plenty of fun.. keep it a secret as much as you can... you don't want the law at your house.. good luck..
  15. ok im making a box and i was wondering if i should paint it like a glossy white or use foil?? i am gonna use another fan too... how many plants could fit in this tub?

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  16. Snoop, you are asking a lot of extremely basic questions that have been asked and answered here at GC ad infinitum -- so much so that there are sticky posts at the top of each sub-forum to guide newbies. The folks who have responded to you so far have been exceedingly kind in indulging you, and I know that as a beginner you are not sure where to turn, but really the best advice for you is to READ. Read through the sticky posts, read the grow guides, check the links in my sig (that's what they're there for), and use the search button. Then with that base of knowledge you can come back with more specific questions.

    Knowing how to grow MJ is not a series of unrelated factoids, it is about really understanding how the plant grows and lives, wrapping your mind around the whole thing. The way to get there is to imbue yourself by constantly reading and by your own experiences. You'll get it, and the same way we all did -- on your own.
  17. ok thank you.

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