Problem with viewing likes recieved.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Brahski, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. It requires me to do the process twice to view it. Drop down menu > likes received that is.

    Just thought I'd let you guys know. :bongin:
  2. İt is how system is designed

  3. No, I don't think it is man. What I think he means is when he hits 'View Likes Received' it directs him to his profile homepage rather than to the proper page. At least that's what's been happening for me so I have to manually click on my Likes Received via my profile homepage to view them after clicking 'View Likes Received.'

  4. Yeah, if I hit likes recieved it should take me to my likes recieved, right?
  5. Mine used to work, if i clicked on the new notification it would bring me straight to the like page. Now, when I click it, it takes me to my profile first, then i've gotta click the likes received thing.
  6. Mine used to take me directly to the likes received via the notification drop down.
  7. Is there any plan on improving this?
  8. It's all working perfect for me. :confused:

    Brahski, got your PM, man. You're welcome and I'll keep you in mind for the other. :)
  9. Thanks a lot. :)

    Love you guys. :smoke:
  10. It's working like one out of five time for me.

    Also it take me to the bottom of the page? :confused:
  11. What browser are you using?
  12. Fire Fox 3.6.13
  13. Seems to be fine and dandy now. :)
  14. See, just me asking you about your browser and you answering the question fixed it. Don't you love how shit works, man?
  15. still not working for me, and when i click the likes received link it takes me to the bottom of the page

  16. What browser are you using? ;)
  17. It's about 50/50. :cool:
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    Maybe it is a firefox thing, I noticed it as well (working about 1 in 5 times) it's not really an issue so I hadn't bothered mentioning it so far, but I suppose it's better that the techies know we're experiencing it. :) It worked fine at first, then I thought maybe you guys had the option to and changed it, except every now and then I can still get there in one click.

    I guess it's happening frequently enough, that some of us just assumed it was normal :p

    Edit: RMJL you're definitely on to something with the browser-confession tactic, as soon as I finished here I said "what the heck" and tried it... one click :D

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