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  1. Hey everybody!

    So some of you may know me from the username or previous posts a while back. Been lurking for a while so I decided to come back & interact with the community once again haha! But so I'll get to the problem I'm still in highschool & no before anyone is quick to assume I'm underage, sadly you are wrong(Am 18). But so I just came to a new school been trying to fit in recently & everything's been going great!

    So then I decided to attempt to get myself back into the dating game which I've been out for about a year or two cause of family problems, depression, anxiety, etc... so after checking most the girls out around school I caught my eye on one who kept showing signs of interest. So we started talking more & texting & every thing was going good but then she had told me about her previous relationship with a guy for 3 years & that he treated her like shit but she still loves him.

    Well my dumbass self off to thought hey let me try to get this girl way before I learned all that in the previous paragraph..^ So we're still talking & well I hit her with the question if she would ever date me & didn't go out as planned she hit me with not looking to be in a relationship at the moment then just changed the subject. Later that day we went to the mall had a good time hungout. But today she seems she wants nothing to do with me which I find it fucked up after I've done alot for this girl over the short time.

    I'm just in a rut here, yall always seem to have the best advice so just let me ask. What should I do in this situation? Btw would she be moody & bipolar like if on birth control? Cause right now I don't know if I should attempt to chase or just let it go cause there's plenty of fish in the sea. 😎
    Thanks everybody! & keep tokin! 💨💨💨

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  2. Love triangles can be a real mess. If she went out with someone for 3 years and is by her own admission still in love with him then yeah, best bet might be to just move on. There's nothing wrong with being her friend if you can manage that without making her or yourself feel uncomfortable, being there if she ever did get past it, but unless or until she decides that she's over him without someone pushing her to the choice it seems like a mess waiting to happen.
  3. I was with my ex for over a year. It's been 3 month and I'm just starting to get over it. She's using you as a taster to see if she's ready to date again. Sounds like she's not. Move on hun loads more females out there
  4. read the signs, play your moves. trust your gut. Be direct about how you feel about her. if you know youve done enough and she still doesn't like you then move on. 
  5. delete her #.
    don't talk to her again.
    if she talks to you, keep it short.
    move on. 
  6. Move on, she might be one to play games, break up with her dude every other week and you dont want games like that.
    Just be her friend and if she makes a move on you then good. Till then be a free man.
    Good luck.
  7. Just don't talk to her. When she tries talking again, just tell her that she needs to make up her mind, if she wants to be friends, more than friends or nothing. Just because her ex treated he like a dick, doesn't mean she can then take all of her hate at men out on you while still loving the sausage jockey of an ex. 
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    Man I was in the same position.
    I met this chick that I fell crazy "in love" with when I was in highschool.

    She was still "in love" with her ex who she lost her virginity too.

    My dumbass kept trying, and I finally "won" her over after a month or two.

    We dated for a while and then she left me for a different ex....and if you think I learned my I didnt.

    I had another girl who really wanted yo be with me and I turned her down to be with the chick who had fucked me over twice.

    Fuck I wish I could take that shit back. I mean, ya she was a good fuck, but she was also the most manipulitive heartless bitch iv met.

    Tread carefully

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  9. Appericate everybody's advice! Thank you guys, will for sure think it over.

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  10. Yeah she did mention going off & on with the dude so yeah you're most likely right. But hey man thanks for the advice snoop! Really appericate it!

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  11. I'm honestly suprised, I'm in the same situation with this girl I'm posting about & a girl who really digs me. Will take you're advice on that probably do it the right way haha. But ya never know just gunna ask her what's really up tommarow & just not gunna waist my time anymore.

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