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  1. The idiot I am wanted to germinate this seed in the full hot Australian sun. So on a 39C degree day (102.2F) I left it out in the sun to hopefully pop out of the soil. Too my surprise on the third day of plopping the seed it it came out, but I was too late. The sun had already fried the cotyledons and the true leaves were looking kinda yellow. Do you guys think this seedling will have any chance? I am now leaving it under a really low intensity lamp just so it has a chance to grow a little before I bring it outside again. And yes I do understand the hardening off process of bringing and inside plant to outside. So what do you guys reckon:

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  2. not sure if u have a specific question but if its alive ur half way there.
    heres a bump for you. grow it a lil bit before taking it outside for sure. if u can plant a 2nd or 3rd at least in case this one fails. they like a lil humidity if its really dry there a misting once in a while is nice and a lil fan to mix up the air. Whats the strain, wattage of ur light? ur ph balancing ur water right?

  3. Well it's not looking to healthy and it's my only seed so far so I really want this one to stay alive. I'm using a 20W ikea lamp just for now, it is great white shark x mazar and I'm using distilled water.
  4. try covering it with a 2 litter bottle to make it warmer if its like 30 degrees out. Look up how to make a mini greenhouse with plastic bottoles.

  5. No dude 39 degrees Celsius is 102.2 Fahrenheit, I live in Australia.

  6. does that really help? If so I'll try. I've got black strap molasses that will work like sugar right?

  7. dude thats the most horrible advice Ive seen in this forum in weeks!
    watering with ice water will do nothing but shock the roots, slow down growth at the least and kill the plant in the worst case (big temperature fluctuations are never good for the plant's growth), while sugar water will feed primarily all the bad microorganisms in the soil and not at all the plant. both combined are likely to rot away any plant and very likely so with a weak seedling!
    molasses can be beneficial if used right because it has a huge range of micronutrients and a bit of potassium, which is needed in flowering. refined sugar is complete bullshit though. no wait, bullshit is beneficial ;)

    @OP: the seedling is far from completely fried, if it survived the bad heat then irs not gonna get worse afterwards if the conditions dont. I reconmend you dont overdo the indoor thing, rather find a semi-shady place outside. no CFLs can ever get close to the sun when it comes to growing plants, you should be happy that you live in such a sunny place. too little sunlight is harder to work with than too much, besides cannabis like many plants adapts well to extreme conditions, but struggles with sudden changes. if you baby it inside for now, youre gonna have to gradually get it used to being outside later. you can do that though if you want to, its gonna take about a week or two to adapt from indoor to outdoor.

  8. Yeah I took it outside last night to a semi shaded area, it's very cloudy today so I put it in a full sun area. Hopefully she's ok but all of this is just a learning experience anyway.

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