problem with rolling and relationships

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  1. I recently met a guy and we started going out. I am an avid (little bit less than weekly) roller, and he really wants to roll, but he is worried about it becoming addictive and none of his friends want him rolling. I really want to roll with him. Do you know a good way to convince his friends and him that rolling isn't so bad?
  2. but it's bad at the rate you're going. maybe his friends can see how much of an e-tard you are? just a guess.
  3. dude tell'm: it' something you should definately try at least once in your life, it's the best feeling you'll ever have.. and say something about it being the love drug and wink ;) lol

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  5. yeah, idk. me and my girl did e like 15 times together in a few months period, and we ended up fightin like crazy and we arent even together anymore. shit fucks with your emotions big time.
  6. Don't force him to do something he doesn't want to do. If he is content with where he is in life, let him be. Just because you like rolling doesn't mean you need to push it on your friends.
  7. You have NO fucking idea how he will respond to his first time rolling, but from past experience, i GARUN-FUCKING-TEE he will be doing it ALOT more than once a week after his first time. Your probably going to be like "Oh, fuck that, he's a goof now all he does is roll"...And then what? Where does that leave him?

    My opinion? If he wants to roll, let him. But you SHOULD NOT be pressuring him in any fucking way if your his girlfriend.
  8. I told myself id never roll with my girl. It always fucks up relationships.

  9. ?????????
    rolling with your girl should bring you together, it has made my relationship with my girlfriend awesome.
  10. you can take it every weekend if you want, I have nothing against it

    but I would tell you that most of the people I know who've done it weekly make it about 6 months before they can barely feel it anymore. I don't have firsthand experience this is just what i've been told by people who have had stints like that with MDMA
  11. Woah, more than once a week? That's so, very unhealthy and I would advise you to slow down to at most once every two weeks for the sake of your mental health.
  12. haha um fuk u? just a guess

  13. This will clear away any doubt in his mind that he doesn't want to do it.
  14. Unless you're a douchebag and tend to cheat on your girl.

    E usually puts people in a place of comfort where they can express things like that.
  15. yeah you just gotta watch what you say. I was rolling with my girlfriend once last year and I was a dumbass and ended up admitting that I thought one of her friends was hot. Ever since then any time that friend is brought up, or is around, things get all weird.
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    If you can't go long without rolling you need some help... Rolling once a week is not good for you. Not trying to be a dick. :(
    I think of ecstasy as a few times a year thing, good for a concert.

    To your boyfriend: The pill itself probably won't make him addicted, I know many people who like ecstasy and have money but they still don't buy it all the time, only person who could make him addicted to it is if he tried it and saw YOU doing it all the time and always wanted to do it with you. Then he would probably gain as much psychological dependence as you. There may be addictive fillers in it though (most of the time there is) like meth and such. You are probably addicted to meth OP. Rarely will you get PURE mdma.
  17. bahahaha:smoke:

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