Problem With Plants When They Go To The Flower Room.

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    So I'm having a problem with my flower room grow. When these plants are in the vegetation box. Using the same exact nutrients. They do well while in the veg box. So once I put the plants into flower and let them sit running 24 hour light. But using all of the same stuff like nutrients, Cal Mag, water, pH levels, everything...

    They start 2 get lighter in color and have what is suspect is necrosis or something. The plants keep getting lighter in color they have spots and the tips are being singed the light is about foot and a half of the canopy top. And I have dropped the nutes that were at approximately 700 ppm to 400 ppm.

    The thing that I don't understand is the ones in the vegetation box other than the amount of light they are receiving. Have the same nutrients and in the same soil.

    So I'm not quite sure what the heck is going on. In my last 3 years of growing I have not had a problem like this I've got many grows under my belt in this one is totally throwing me off. I have pictures of the plant the plants in the veg box. I'm enclosing the pictures of both environments and pictures of the plant itself my PH is consistently between 5.5 and 5.8. And it lowered my ppm so it should be okay I just don't understand what the deal is I'm using a 1000 watt HPS for flower and a fluorescent and to CFLs for veg if anybody has any ideas of what's going on please let me know it's driving me crazy....

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  2. Watering schedule? You have problems there for a start

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  3. Why is your pH 5.5-5.8?
    You're locking out nutrients. Soil's ideal pH is 6.3-6.8
  4. Also, this doesn't make sense.
    Once to twice a day, hand water right now.. Its on an as needed basis.

    Sorry I forgot to mention, I was waaaay frustrated last night...
    They are in COCO so is soil, but more like hydro..
    I put them (it) in to flower, but before I let them (it) go full flower. I have it stay in that environment for a week or 2 then change the light to 18/6 then to 12/12
    See, the last plant I had in there did like the same thing. I thought it was the plant. So I swapped that one out for this one. Then gave this one a few weeks in here to see if it was the plant itself or if something was going on.
    Obviously something is going on.
  7. My moneys on something eating your roots in the coco. Id say root aphids and/or fungus gnats. Theyre almost impossible to see with the naked eye. After they eat your roots the exposed root is burned by too much nutes and is exposed in the leaf.

    People typically think its a magnesium defiiency then feed to correct as their ph lowers or spikes, giving salt or nutes which exasperates the problem.

    Whatever is irritating the lot is contaminating your flower room, which is why your vegetative room shows no signs of stress.

    Could also be extremely bad outbreak of fungus gnats.
  8. How do I find out if it is?

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  9. I would also say it's a root problem, but I'm leaning towards a simple root bound problem. They look root bound and that pot looks too small in the 5th photo. I suspect once you put the plants on 12/12 they go through their stretch phase (roots go through that extra growth too) and it's just too much for the pot so all of a sudden the plants problem gets much worse
  10. Actually, I definately agree with Gold Grower. Did you have your other problem plants in the same size pots?
  11. first off thanks for the reply's in trying to help me out.. Im still super cloudy on whats up with this problem.. Let me explain..
    Well, when I had the other plant in there it was in a 2gal smart pot. It did the same thing as this one, and I put it back in the veg box. its doing good there now..
    My veg box is in the same room as my flower room is. Just tucked in the corner.
    Now, the way the plant looks in flower area/room is terrible.. The leaves get all light. And it gets all droopy and sad.
    The pot its in is a bit small but ive flowered in smaller pots and never had a problem..
    That plant was in veg for a while then a couple of weeks ago I put it in that pot. And I was going to put it in another smart pot when I saw it wasn't doing the same as the last one..
    I totally get what everybody is saying. I just dont get how the one that was in the flower area is doing good..
    I have a couple fans on it, its a 1k light right now 24/7 and 24/7 light. Its literally getting the same exact nutes, From the same tank.
    Maxibloom and epsom salt hand watered. The last crop from flower was horrible too. So it leads me to believe that some weird shit is going on in flower.  last crop I used calmag, but im on a budget atm so I have to use cheaper raw materials.
    I dont want to switch it to 12/12 till I can get this issue resolved...
    If Iam root bound, it would have to be from the other pot... 
    Tell me something, when re-potting do I need to break up the roots from the prior potting? Or do I just put it in the new pot?
    I just put it in the new pot. I did that for a long time and never had an issue.  Additionally, the one in veg again, that was in the flower area that was doing shitty I did the same with. And again its doing alright.. 
    My friends, iam just so lost in the issue.. I really dont know where to start..
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    I'm really tired and so very much struggled to understand pretty much most of that haha. But I did pick out one thing and that's the bit about breaking up the root ball when transplanting. Don't do that. Keep the soil in perfect shape.
    I would go down to your local hardware store and buy a 15+ litre bucket, drill some holes in it and get the plant in it. 2 gallon pot for a plant of that size is not big enough. I wouldn't use those "smart" pots either, they purposely damage roots by allowing them to dry out
  13. Alright fuck it ill give that a try tomorow....
    Yeah I never break it up. I just drop it in the new pot. But I just figure I ask...
    Im stil up for any other advice or ideas..
  14. Root bound badly. Roots are suffocating

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  15. that's because it's an inert substrate

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  16. Looks like you should transplant...
  17. Update:  Yeah I transplanted her a few weeks ago. And yesterday I decided id try it again from consensus it is root bound.. And yeah the roots were really really wrapped in that pot. I couldn't believe it out grew that pot so quickly.
    But yeah its probably root bound..
    I put it in about a 1gal pot. its a 10in round put about 10in deep or so. I will update yall on progress in the next few days..
    Im still really surprised it totally outgrew that pot in about a 2 week period..
  18. I feel I owe you an apology. I do  not know the answer to your delimma. I just snuck in hear to get my post count up. Again, I apologise.
  19. LMFAO dude lolol
  20. i think he's got it solved, but we all appreciate your honesty :D

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