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  1. They drug test me with a 5 panel strip home drug test. I have used my brothers piss in the past and it has worked fine. They caught on and i cannot do it anymore. I have looked at different additives that are discrete like Klear and UrineLuck. I cannot find any reviews on any of the additives and if they work or not. They always make sure my piss is somewhat yellow so i cant dilute it with drinking lots of water or detox. I have also thought about using a B vitamin and diluting but im hoping that i can find a good additive to the piss any suggestions?

    I am 5'9, 165 lbs. Used to be daily user then quit for 75 days. After the 75 days smoked 2 days about 6 times then stayed sober for 2 weeks and smoked 3 times in a day and have a drug test ether on the 19th of sept or 5th of october... im a dumbass i should have quit and need some help or my life is about to be fucked
  2. home tests can easily be passed with a bit of guessing they dont watch you piss. or get ahold of some of ur brothers piss right now....hold onto it until ur test
  3. Givin the gaps between smoking times id say your pass on your own...i stopped for 2 weeks once, smoked one day and passed a piss test less than a week later. Whens the last time you smoked?
  4. havent tried the bleach but have read that it turns the piss a different off color and they stand in the doorway of the bathroom... last time i smoked was september 6th or 7th

    i also heard some visine works as well but idk
  5. kinda creepy your parents watch you piss. start a sexual harassment lawsuit against them? lol. maybe try one of those detox drinks? ive never used one but a couple friends used them and it worked for them.
  6. Umm .. say No. When I was like 15-17 all I did was say no. What are they gunna do? They can't force you to take it. They can't kick you out unless they want to disown you which I doubt they will do. Just say if you don't trust me then f you I;m not taking anymore drug tests it's getting old.
  7. 1. Tell them to fuck off.
    2. Move Out.
    3. Problem solved.

    Won't be a problem since your 18+

  8. Put bleach in a visine bottle, squirt it in when u pee
  9. Forgetting that you put bleach in your visine when your stoned will also provide hilarious results.

    Your parents or friends might also use the ''visine'' by accident.
  10. Way easier said than done. I know what you were getting at but it's not like once you turn 18 you can afford a place to live on your own.
  11. Wow your parents are soft. They may not disown you but they can ground you, take your phone, music, computer, tv, etc... away. If I detox from weed, I can smoke one day and pass a test the next night. I metabolize it that fast.

  12. Imagines such an incident. :smoking: Hahahaha
  13. Unless your parents bought your phone, music and computer i wouldn't let them take them. They are yours that you payed for with your own hard earned money. My mom tried to pull the same shit when i was 17. I got busted with pot and she said give me your laptop and i said, "My laptop? The one i payed for? No thanks."
  14. Wow your parents really are soft. They pay for your house so they have the right to take anything they want. What's next, you're going to tell them they can't take away your drugs because you payed for them with your hard earned cash?
  15. No, the drugs are illegal. I know why they would take those. But the things i bought? Those are mine. Not theirs to take away.
  16. Well this is true, my parents pay for a family plan so I rarely get my phone taken away. Still, when you do something like refusing a drug test it seems like your taking advantage of your parents' kindness of not kicking you out.
  17. I'm the l337 h4x0r of passing drug tests.

    1) stay hydrated. If'you're worried abotu it being too clear you can take a B vitamin or something else or stop drinking water a day or two before your test.
    2)don't use your first piss of the morning
    3) piss a little into the toilet then on the stick, the first flow is the strongest.

    Lastly if you are really worried buy your own drug test and test yourself first. You may want to consider not smoking if you live with your parents and they are testing you. It means they are probably concerned for you and will make your life hell. Probably not worth it.
  18. Your life doesn't end if you lose a phone , computer or tv. I bought my own guitar and they took everything else away and tried to take away my guitar but I wouldn't let them. I bought it. If they took shit away I actually needed I would have went out n bought it on my own. All I needed when I was 15-17 smokin weed was a guitar anyway. And I promise you my parents weren;t soft on me but they couldn't force me to take a drug test and they couldn't take away stuff I bought and I knew that. So I won. It's called not being a pussy. I think your soft if you think you need a phone and a tv to live. So unless the kid is a little spoiled brat that gets everything handed to him he can say fuck you I'm not taking a drug test.
  19. trust me i want to move the fuck out asap and i am 19... shit sucks dick cause i just bought a car also going to college full time so basically now i am in mad debt and the only reason that i have to take drug tests is because i had a lacrosse scholarship and quit but the school i was at was a D2 college (they who try to rape u on ever violation) and i like to party so i got kicked out...

    my parents dont look at my dick they stand in the doorway and i piss towards the wall into the piss cup shit... they said if i fail the drug test im kicked out
  20. wow, that's harsh man, not much else to say about it.

    You could still use your brothers pee if you get some sort of concealable bottle that can squirt in a simmilar fashion to peeing and practice being stealth about it

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