Problem with one of my plants?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Grow4Fun, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. This is a little baby girl she's like 8 days old from when she first popped out of the soil. I have been trying hard not to over water her and her buddy and the other one doesn't have these problems. The soil is a mix of potting soil lots of perlite and some vermiculite. Any thoughts you guys have would help a lot. I read thru the sticky but I just dunno what it is.


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  2. The only thing I can suggest is keep it cool and don't fry it with too much light. Use plain water also. If u say the other is doing fine it could be a shitty seed. where'd u get the seeds?
  3. is your soil pre-ferted? more info. would be a good thing.
  4. No the soil is not pre fertilized I spent about30 mind at the store finding one that wasnt. This one and its sister are just two bagseeds a coworker gave me while I waited on my shipment of seeds to get in. Its only been getting straight water but both of them were a light green so I mixed a tiny tiny bit of jungle grow 20-20-20 into some water and fed them a little a couple of days ago. Could the pots be too small? Could I have over fed them? The ph of the soil is right around 7 so I dont think that is the problem. Thanks for the help guys I just want my ladies to be healthy. Also they are under about 80 watts of CFL's very close to them but I dont think its hot enough to burn them.

  5. fert. burn. seedlings shouldn't be fed for a couple weeks. flush with ph'd water.
  6. definitely fert burnt

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