Problem with my WEED plants help needed ^^!

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  1. Soo hellow im kinda new on the forum and growing and soo on but im gonna keep it short
    soo the story is my plants are in flowering stage erly stage its ok to have some yellow leafs but the problem is the yellowing dosent stop it goes from bottom to the top and then the plants simply dies is this nitrogen deficiency or something else? i did use some fertelizer for flowering natural bat guano but thats it any comment on what it could be would be helpfull thx you in advance below i posted a picture to see how it looks!

  2. Did ya make a tea or just sprinkle bat guano on top of soil?
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    just a litle sprinkle on top of the soil and then water but i did the same on other place and the plants wer fine soo idk if the guano damaged them and it wasnt rly a strong mix cuz it was bio and so on.
  4. That yellowing is gonna happen super fast since she's flowering. You need to feed with some fast-acting stuff asap. Fish hydrolysate is the ticket.

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  5. Cute little plant. Go ahead and feed all the nutrients at this point.

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