problem with my plants need help/tips!

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  1. a few of the bottom leaves on my outdoor plant have drip burns on them or whatever they are and i have no idea what they can be caused by does anyone know?photo attached! and as i was watering my plant i found a bunch of rollie pollies living in my soil are they something i should be worried about? and i also found a couple of spiders on my plant in the past couple of days what can i use to get rid of them besides neem oil any tips and advise will help since this is my first time growing.. also i have my plant in about a 4 gallon pot and was wondering if it is big enough to finish the plant because i think it would be almost impossible for me to transplant it now out of such a big pot

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  2. pill bugs are ok for a plant that big/old you dont want them with small plants though I think. for the spider thing go get cedar chips(natural no chemicals) cedar oil is a natural repellent, but obviously spiders will help keep other bugs at bay just the problem of their webs and when you harvest you obviously dont want bugs in your bud.

    as for the spots, I have no idea, looks like bird shit almost but set up like slug trails. I think cedar helps with slugs as well.
  3. thanks i appreciate the help
  4. are the two little hairs pistils?does this mean its a girl?

  5. those are just leaves
  6. yeah i know those are leaves but under the leaves theres two tiny hair like things
  7. right where the stems meet
  8. well its an easy to find answer. what country do you live in?
  9. United States why?
  10. well to flower they need 12/12, so it depends on where you live for it to begin. I honestly dont see anything so it might just not be ready yet, cuz I'm sure its flowering season. then again the ungodly heat this summer could be affecting it.
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    I think you are confusing the stipules with pistils ... I see no signs of sex in that picture
  12. ok thanks
  13. still havent figured the spot/trail pronlem on the leaves.. as nee leaves keep growing the leaf damage moves up to higher branches as well its starting to really annoy me the leaves also have holes in them as if they were being eaten by something so if you have any idea or tips please help
  14. what do you guys think?any tips appreciated


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