problem with my hid light

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  1. hello I have a 150 watt metal halide light that i purchased back in may of this year, i used it for a few months then put it in the closet

    I recently just pulled it back out to use it again, however there is a problem.
    -it will turn on and only run for about 4 minutes, then the light shuts off

    the ballast still hums once the light goes out however

    there are no blown fuses/circuits, and I'm not messing with switches or anything while its running
    The light bulb has no fragments inside it either

    I had thought since the outlet that i was using was a 2 prong non-grounded outlet that, it may be whats not letting it run properly, however I used an extension cord to plug the ballast into a nearby grounded outlet and it still shuts off after the 4 minute period.

    Any ideas on what is wrong with it?

    this is
    my ballast
    my bulb
  2. Buy a new bulb. Most likely problem.
  3. Without a doubt it is the bulb. It can happen for no reason at all. Esp. if you have one that fires up by magnetic (unless you paid like $250 for it, I'm sure it's not digital). I bought one of the best magnetic HPS's from HTGSupply and my bulb did the same thing you are reporting 2 weeks after I used it. Thankfully HTGSupply provides warrenties on all products. In fact they were able to use my bulb in their digital units even though it will never fire up again in a magnetic unit. You could sell ur bulb on ebay as lightly used for digital HPS units only and someone would probably buy it for half of what a new bulb would cost. Sorry for the bad news. Buy your new bulb from HTG. They are great with warrentied stuff. I was going to try and save $20 and get a used crappy setup from ebay, but am glad I spent the coin for a nice unit. WWW.HTGSUPPLY.COM
  4. that looks like a good deal. Is that included bulb good for the whole growth? or do I need another one for flowering/veging? How many plants can I grow under that light?
    Sorry to mislead this post.

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