Problem with my grow.

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  1. AK-48, 3 and a half weeks into vegetation.

    A couple days back the leaves started to get black and brown/yellow spots after which
    the leaves started to hang and lose colour.

    I will try to make my pH go to neutral so the problem is ruled out, could it be something else?
    I personally think it's showing a lot of symptoms of diffrent nute deficiencies. :confused:
    The plant is an indoor hydro and it has been given small amounts of a nute solution with a NPK of 6-1,3-5

    Pics: My babies - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery , My babies - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. It is a combination of Magnesium & Phosphorus deficiencies. During veg, you should be feeding them about as much P as N.

  3. Idk. N-P-K ratios on most every grow formula on the cannabis circuit contradict your suggestion.
  4. Thanks for the fast reply.
    Ordered some better nutes, will report back with pics when the change starts to show
  5. ^^^Hahahaha, Hi Jelly!
  6. could be root rot hows your res conditions
  7. res temps? nuetral ph is not good for hydro thats too high i keep mine at 5.8-6.1 nuetral is 7. what are the ppms like in your soup? jelly man is close saying mag or phosphorus idk about both tho. did the spots start high on new growth or low on older leaves? since phosphorus is mobile youll see signs of deficency lower first usually on older fan leaves then it will work its way up. this is because the plant moves it to where its needed most at the tops. mag is not so mobile so signs of deficency will usually show on tops and new growth where the plant is focusing its energy first. knowing mobile from less mobile and immobile nutes and how they work will help with plant troubleshooting drasticly. without pics tho its really hard to say for sure whats going on. good luck hope this can be of a little help
  8. Without pics lolwut?
  9. where did the spots and lack of color start on the plant and did it spread?
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