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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by badgers_nadgers, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. hello people:hello:

    i should have been at the end of my grow by now but had a few probs with time clocks breaking so its put me back a few weeks,
    my problem now is that i have mold on my buds:( and as i understand it from stylez thread on sick plants etc... all i can do is cut the infected buds or even remove the whole plant from my grow,

    will the mold spores infect the rest of my grow?

    does any 1 have any ideas to combat this prob,
    i took a few pics using my phone but they di not come out well enough to see

    room is well ventilated with the use of extractor fans and oscilating fans,,
    just added a dehumidifier to the room,bit late i know but its quite noisey to run,

    any advice would be welcomed
  2. sorry, ur fucked, theres no solution to stop mold once it starts, it will just infect the rest of the plant with no remorse and it's relentless. sorry dude but i'd say ur grow is fucked considering ur buds are not even finished yet. make some good ass oil or hash with ur moldy buds, unless the whole problem is small, then just chop off mold and watch it very closely for other signs of it. if ur grow is close to done, then just harvest it and dry the buds, the mold can be smoked and has no harm to you, will even get you high, but not as much and it taste kinda bad.
  3. bloody hell mate,,,you obviously dont believe in letting people down gently and beeting round the bush about things :rolleyes: lol

    nice 1 for replying though,,,think il just keep cutting the buds away as and when they get infected and hope to save some :(

    a lesson learnt i suppose,,shame it had to be the hard way as usual

    laters :wave: :smoking:
  4. be carefull not to spread the botrytis when removing infected parts of plants....bag and remove.
  5. grey mold is because of environment. the solution has virtually nothing to do with ur plants. it has to do with ur growing situation; temp, air flow, cleanlyness, light. if those 4 factors are better kept in check, mold goes away on its own.

    if u do not correct those 4 factors, u will always have it. its naturally everywhere. there is no cure, there is only prevention.
  6. thanks guys for replying,,,

    i cut a few buds that wasnt infected dryed them in the microwave,rolled them up in a big fat spliff,,quite suprised how nice the smoke was,,,a very uppy high which i prefer to the couch lock high,so i decided to cut them all down and save what i can,,not sure yet how much im gonna yield from them(4)

    thanks for the advice though

  7. i couldnt imagine how that could smoke well.

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