Problem With Maturation & Development

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Fari Warrior, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Hi, I'm having an issue with maturation and development noticeable after the 4th to 5th week of flower. The plants have the beginnings of the signature strain dependent smell, I know this because I've grown them outdoors before. However the buds haven't shown any progress in terms of bud size and the smell isn't going through the changes of smell I know this strain makes. My temps range from 77-81 lights on temp with the lowest lights out temp being 73. Humidity at night can get as high as 88 with the lights off and are maintained at 60-65 with the lights on. I have 2 mars 2 700s running and 2 A/Cs in the space, a 8k window unit and a 1 ton portable which I'm making moves to replace between this week and next great but electrically inefficient. The window unit is on a timer and I supplement with CO2. I was initially hypothesizing that the portable was sucking out my CO2 which is a common concern with these models but I had this issue prior to installing it. I'm planning on removing the portable from use, save for emergencies and instead going with duct fans and running at night with a semi-passive intake (there will be a space for a strictly passive air hole but I will also actively pull cool outside air in while actively exhausting hot air).

    I've read and read and can't seem to figure it out not at least til I change my vent set up to determine if I do indeed have a CO2 issue. In the interim I would like some feedback on what the issue seems to be from your perspective.
  2. Can't really speak to your problem, however 88% in flower is probably have way more experience than I but isn't that to high. Isn't flower supposed to stay under 50%?

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  3. It really should but my dehumidifier keeps my gear running 24/7 so I tend to use it periodically

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